11th Sep 2008, 23:30

The WRX is the ultimate all around car. But one must bear in mind they range greatly in performance from one model to another. The highest end WRX is the car that races against Lambos and Ferraris on a track. The lowest end one is hardly over 200 HP.

But... if you don't live in a winter wonderland this car is the biggest waste off money imaginable. Where I live my WRX is king of the road... Northern Canada.

Oh... and yes the WRX is the Ugliest car ever built for the price IMO. I love it.

27th Jul 2011, 11:03

I'm going to end this. I own a 2005 Ford Mustang GT, a 2006 Subaru WRX and a 2008 Ford Focus, but let's just forget that last one.

My Mustang GT destroys my WRX in basically every category. You can talk about modding the Subaru to be better than a Stang GT all you want, but doing any sort of mods to a Mustang suspension wise or performance wise will keep on trumping the Subaru.

I will say this though, I drove the Mustang in the winter every year since I bought it new till I bought the Focus in 09, and with 4 sand bags in the trunk and winter tires in our disgusting Minnesota winters, it did just great. Nowhere near what the Subaru does with snow tires in winter, but my wife and I switched cars come snow time.

I just wanted to say something as someone who actually owns both, and loves both equally.

Even the almighty brand new WRX STi cannot beat the even mightier all new 5.0 on the track stock. 0-60 is faster in the new GT, and the GT's handling is every bit as good as the M3 (if you read the Motortrend where the 5.0 lost on the track by like less than a second), and the STi's track time was lacking behind both.

All in all, they are amazing cars. If I had to buy one over the other, I would in fact take the Subaru all day, because there isn't a single car anywhere in my price range that can give you this power, excitement, refinement, and reliability with low ownership costs (which is a plus!) that a WRX or STi can give you year round in snowy climates.. Now if I lived in California, it would be another story..

27th Jul 2011, 17:48

The Mustang is a very fast car on the straights, but be serious, it's not faster than an STI round a track. The Mustang has a chassis from the ark for heaven's sake; given equal drivers, it can't win LOL.