12th Feb 2001, 16:44

Jealous Aussie, I wish I had one, My Peugeot 106 GTI will do me. Happy motoring..

31st Mar 2001, 05:21

Old Impreza turbo was a practical street racer. New one is a company car park drag racer for 'daring' middle managers.

Subaru have imrpoved all the unimportant stuff (dashboard, seats, ICE) while making it fatter, uglier, slower-witted and more sensible.

I'll get an Integra Type-R and mourn the old Impreza.

5th Apr 2001, 11:36

The new car is incredible, to mix such comfort with such handling and grip is a massive achievement and now "safe" oversteer is on the menu! The best drivers car for the sensible family man I say! Some will still prefer the old one with its naff interior and jiggly ride. It it wasn't for the fact the new one is slower (which is a BIG dissapointment to me) the old model would be well and truly stuffed!

12th Apr 2001, 08:20

I agree the extra weight (120kg!!) and ugly looks are a big disappointment. A lot of people LIKED the firmer ride of the old car - it gives more feedback from the road, instead of a deadened insomnia-curing ride like you get in a Merc or Audi saloon.

You can still get nearly new old-model Imprezas, they are fantastic value now in the used car market - snap up a mint one, look after it and you will have a performance classic that will still be remembered fondly in 10 years time.

14th Apr 2001, 17:56

Yeah I agree - the new model looks like a corolla boat, unfortunately. Why did the designers do this!!!??? They could have made it look slightly better, perhaps add a variant of the P1 spoilers. I really loved the aggressive looks of the older model; V-reg I drove and loved it. I think we should all write to Subaru stating our horror at the 'new look' impreza. I am not imprezed! Please please please could they fix it for me to make the once beautiful yet aggressive monster appear as the newer model once again. (please) but I doubt that will happen unfortunately. Also the back looks horrid too! like some sort of Hyundai or something. Why oh why oh why??? I liked the bare interior of the older one too. And whatever standard stereo they put in cars these days I would replace with something better still.

I am so upset with this, it has ruined my dreams of owning a beautiful new impreza, as I won't be able to buy a new one -due to these very reasons.

9th May 2001, 22:09

Looks aren't really a factor with the Impreza. This is a driver's car, not a flashy show car. Besides the old model was pretty ugly too. OK it is slower, but the handling is better. Just because the ride is more comfortable doesn't make it a "deadened insomnia curing ride". Get behind the wheel and you'll feel the responsiveness. Did anyone mention the 250% stiffer chassis?

11th May 2001, 18:07

Oh come on now folks! The new car will surely grow on you. It does seem as though the performance is a little down but hey, Subaru is in the business of selling cars and what has happened is that the new model WRX is designed for wider international appeal, esp. for North America. I believe Subaru will redeem us with a wicked STi version..6 speed box and other goodies! So cheer up.

30th May 2001, 19:07

Am I the only one who likes the look of the new Impreza?

2nd Jun 2001, 05:04

I don't think the car is ugly, but it does require some getting use to. After all, the Americans have never seen anything like it coming from Detroit or Japan so this reaction is normal. I have people looking at my car and could not stop looking at it, and their girlfriends could not stop looking at it!! If the STI does ever find its way to the US shores, you can bet I am trading in the old one for the STI.

Oh, don't get the Type-R. Why would you pay $25000 and not get air conditioning? Plus, you will have much more fun in the rain with the WRX then you would with the Type-R.

20th Jun 2001, 08:18

You've completely missed the point of the Type-R, epecially complaining about the lack of air con!

The Type-R junks all standard panel pressings in favour of thinner ones with extra strengthening where required. Even the windscreen is thinner to shed weight. Honda have shed as much weight as possible to make up for the body bracing, NSX brakes, uprated steering , suspension and exhaust of the Type-R.

It is a racer for the road. Its harder to drive than the faster WRX, but many wouldn't swap that race purity for lardy 4wd point & squirt motoring.

26th Jun 2001, 22:09

I have just bought a 2001 WRX, no problem with the looks, most Japanese performance cars lack clean lines and classy looks anyway. If you want the ultimate light weight registered performance vehicle - don't buy a car, buy a motorbike. The WRX is a user friendly, cheap sports car that you can still load up and take for a long trip.

8th Jul 2001, 21:09

I'm sorry fella's, I'm going to have to agree with the opinion that the new WRX looks like CRAP, like a Toyota Corolla, with bug eyes. The older shape WRX was a hell of a lot better looking, and faster. While the new model might be more refined in other aspects, the ones that really count, ie. look and speed (I think a lot will agree, is definitely lacking).

29th Jul 2001, 06:14

When I first saw the older Impreza, many years back, I thought it was ugly as hell. To top it off with gold wheels that looked like someone had done a Sunday afternoon DIY special spray up on them, made it look even worse.

Over the years it has grown on me and maybe the new model will as well. I saw one with a headlamp conversion kit on it and it looked much smarter - so there is still hope.

2nd Aug 2001, 06:22

New WRX looks ugly? Well, like a few of you have said the old one was no oil painting. Funny what Porsche-like performance will do for a car. A bit like Steffi Graf, shame about the face but has great legs and awesome power! In Japan standard spec is 180kw, and I reckon if that engine mated to a 6-speed finds its way to Australia then all will be forgiven.

Funny that nobody has mentioned obscene insurance premiums and the fact that in Australia, at least, insurers won't touch it without sat nav alarm fitted. So there's about 3-5 grand a year... ouch!

9th Sep 2001, 00:29

Lads, I've just sat here at 6.30 on a Sunday morning and read the review and all your comments. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" so I do not consider my views on the looks of the new WRX to be of significant relevance. Let's get this in perspective. If someone said to you "Would you like a car that has the acceleration of a Ferrari 550, the handling and pedigree of a Subaru Impreza, the reliability, practicality and running costs of a Mondeo ST200, costs 35% less to buy than a poor man's Porsche (Boxster), Is discreet and unassuming, but you probably won't like the headlights" I think most of us would be mildly interested without even knowing what the car was! I've test driven the WRX (UK), great car, but I could not justify the cost when compared to my ageing ST24. It was quicker and obviously handled a lot better, but it simply was not quick enough to persuade me to part with my wedge. So yesterday, I bought a brand new WRX STi7, which I pick up next Friday. I understand that this car should be quick enough for me. Haven't driven it yet so I will keep you posted... PS I'm not keen on the headlights either but I'm sure that I can live with them...