10th Oct 2001, 19:02

OK OK OK!!! The WRX has the round bug lights, but who can't spend a little more and get the rally cross lights <--- look pretty good.

I was supposed to get an INTEGRA Type-R for street racing. I am gettin the 2002WRX for street racing with new spoilers and everything, and I will STILL blow away a Civic or Integra (Unless they have about 5000 under the hood alone). For now I will put an intake and that's +12 hp, and I will be a fast street racer with a car that no street racers have :)

30th Oct 2001, 21:54

Do any of you people who are bagging the 2001 WRX actually own one?

Sure the older models look better, but the 2001 is still a top sports car.

Trust me, the look grows.

20th Jan 2002, 15:09

Far far less people own the WRX than owned the UK spec Impreza turbo. Subaru dealers have 'em cluttering up the sales floor, while the old model had a 3-6 month waiting list.

Subaru have dropped the ball, hard. They should strip out some lard, inject some poke and attract enthusiasts again instead of the male menopausal middle managers on a company car scheme that the WRX seems to be aimed at.

18th Jun 2002, 08:32

OK people, particularly all you Americans hassling Japanese cars... here we go...

All Imprezas, not just the new one, are 2.0litre 4WD turbo. In S.T.i. form this produces 206kw. It has the ability to produce far more, but due to an agreement between all Japanese manufacturers, is limited to this figure. Compare this to your big 5.0litre V8s etc etc, with their 220kw or thereabouts. How embarrassing for Ford, Chevy, etc. And how embarrassing for you to be hassling Japanese cars.

The new Impreza is different to the old, but it is a highly sophisticated car, and goes very hard!

24th Jul 2002, 06:02

I have owned my Impreza WRX for 2 months now - had a couple of small problems (driver's window fell out, darned check engine light comes on all the time under hard acceleration/deceleration) but other wise it's a great car. I like it's smoothness and subtleness (mine's in Blue Black Mica with silver wheels) as it looks like any ordinary 3 box saloon (sedan). I've done 3000kms in her so far and they have been stress free and very interesting. The clutch is juddering when cold and I have a feeling that it won't be lasting much longer - I don't drive the car hard and I bought it with 11000km just in case you think I am killing a brand new car without running it in. I think if you want to have a beautiful car you should go out and buy an Alfa Romeo, but if you are serious about DRIVING it doesn't matter what the car looks like as long as it drives well. The previous gen Impreza was a great car and I wish I could have owned one when they were new, but to be honest I don't think these cars need any more attention - some low life has already tried stealing mine.

Insurance is not bad at all. I pay 1600 Euros a year for fully comprehensive insurance including roadside assistance from Direct Line here in Spain - I am 25 years old.

One thing I will say is this car lacks mid range punch. I had a '78 Trans Am with some hot cams, rejetted carb and straight through exhaust and that was a rocket compared to the Scooby, but it only gave me 8-10mpg so I rarely used that in anger.

The bottom line is - YOU WILL NOT GET A FASTER CAR OF FOR YOUR MONEY! And that's what it boils down to when talking about buying/owning an Impreza Turbo / WRX.

31st Dec 2004, 19:55

I love the bugeye it has grown on me over the years and not to keen on the 04 versions.

10th Aug 2005, 03:04

Agree with the comment above. I really like the bugeye model. In case nobody noticed, it became a quite rare car, since it was made only for 2 years. And if you are not happy with the performance just get a PPP.