2001 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS 2.5 litre gas from North America


The Subaru Unicorn


The gas tank will not burp, so when I put gas in, the fuel gun stops every gallon or so.. just gets annoying, especially in Oregon where you can't just pump your own gas.. I tried fixing it and found some solutions, but none lasted..

Struts are starting to get clunky in the rear, but dang they lasted over 200k.

There was some rust in the rear wheel wells and around the brake lights, but I fixed it all myself, so just the cost of metal and paint..

Instrument panel (speedo and guages) light is starting to dim and go out after 204k.

Only major repair that I still haven't done yet, is that the last time I changed the spark plugs, there was excessive oil around the plugs, so I bought new spark plug ring gaskets and the valve cover gaskets just because.. There is no oil leak, but my start ups are funny and it slowly burns my oil and causes an initial bad spark, which isn't helping me see over 19 mpg on the freeway.. but that also may be my crappy short ram intake (previous owner); not my choice, I might get a stock air filter system back on it soon to help my fuel mileage.

General Comments:

I bought my RS back in 09 from an auction, it was poorly drifted into a tree. It was hit in the front passenger side; most damage was around the fender and bumper.

After not finding used parts for the bumper cover or reinforcement, I had to buy them at a high price at the stealership.. but that's okay because the car is a boss. In fact I bought it online, and the mileage was a reported 138,000 miles, but when I first started it up and saw 193000, my heart stopped, I was livid. Good thing I got it to my door for about $1600.

Since then I have driven this thing every day, everywhere.. it still has the original battery in it, and I've got Hella Supertone horns on it and a 1200 watt amp with 2 10" inch subs in the trunk (which rattles the interior doors and about every inch of plastic in the car), and it still starts, even in 10 degree weather.

Living in Portland, OR, the car sees Mt Hood multiple times a week, and I've got summer tires on just like my Forester did. I've been driving in a foot of fresh powder on top of ice with 30% tread on summer tires, and the thing would never lose grip.. I trust Subaru's AWD system with my life.

The interior has rather comfortable and supportive seats. I must say they are much more comfortable than many other Subaru seats I've sat in.

This review might be long, but if you are a reader and are a fan of the 2.5 RS's, I would encourage you to get one. They are not turbo or fast (constantly mistaken for STI's), but are great candidates for swaps, and these cars have character; not many Subaru's are like the old RS's.

I am truly amazed at how well it drives. Even at 205k, this car turns heads and I get compliments all summer long (literally a minimum of 2 times a day). I must be lucky, but this car is truly amazing to have.

The only downfall, which may be very annoying for some, is the cabin noise level.. (more of a reason to listen to music louder). The windows have no outer trim and the sunroof has a whistly rattle to it once you hit about 50 mph. Doesn't bother me, but some people hate it. That goes for just about any pre-2008 or 2009 Subaru though.

Well I probably forgot a lot of little things, but overall this is a great car. My future plans involve an STI swap built right with the STI 6 speed.

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Review Date: 16th January, 2012

16th Jan 2012, 21:33

I agree with your comments. I bought my RS 2.5 new in 2001, and have NEVER seen another red 2 door in all the time I've owned it. Who else can say that, unless you invest a fortune for one? I'm almost 62 years old and get comments about my car all the time. I'd buy the same car again if they had one. I just don't like the styling of the WRX.

2001 Subaru Impreza WRX 2.0 turbo from Australia and New Zealand


Just go out and buy one!


So far the driver's window does not go up properly, it doesn't seal correctly unless you open the door when you put the window up.

The boot is leaking water.

General Comments:

I don't really write many reviews, but I just wanted to let all you people out there thinking of buying one of these cars to go and just do it! This car is the most fun I've had on 4 wheels ever. I usually get a new car every couple of years, but I think this one will be with me for a long while.

The WRX is a driver's car. It doesn't have a lot of features in the cabin like my Outback did, the stereo is pretty crap, the interior very basic, cup holder is a joke and there's not much storage space, but put your foot down on that accelerator and all these minor gripes are forgotten.

The car handles like nothing I have ever driven, and the power is amazing! My car has an aftermarket exhaust system, and I have gone from listening to a blaring stereo to listening to the engine purr away.

The gear changes are easy and swift, the brakes are very responsive, the car is just a pleasure to drive. I know this particular model (bug eyes) was not loved by many people, but I personally love the look of it.

If you're the kind of person who loves to drive a car, and can live without the little luxuries, then this is the car for you!

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2009

22nd Nov 2009, 07:57

I recently bought an '01 stock standard low klms WRX. I agree totally with 'just go out and buy one'!

Interior is minimally equipped, which I like. Braking, road holding and acceleration are exceptional. The connection of driver to car is ideal.

Keep the revs up and turbo spinning and it seems want to keep accelerating.

Bang for the bucks, you just can't beat the WRX.

6th Dec 2011, 02:59

I too just bought one :P. Everyone hating on the looks is a good thing for buyers, because they're so cheap! Bought one with 190k kms on the clock, changed the shift linkage bushings and rotors, and it drives like new!