2001 Subaru Impreza WRX 2.0 turbo from Switzerland


My question, my dilemma, after testdriving an Impreza WRX


Nothing went wrong -- this was a test drive, but I wanted to share my impressions with current WRX owners.

General Comments:

I have test driven at least half a dozen autos in the last 3 weeks -- BMW 3 Series, several Audi A4s, Subaru Forrester and WRX, Opel Turbo Coupé... and the WRX delivers adequate comfort with the best performance (handling, acceleration) of any of them, especially for Swiss mountain roads.

Only now, I have just one small problem: WHY DID THEY HAVE TO GO AND MAKE THIS CAR UGLIER THAN A WART ON A TOAD's A**?

Short of growing 10 years younger (from my current age of 30) or moving out to the boondocks, I don't see how I could possibly show up in this car to a concert or even just to dinner without drawing many a rude snicker.

Hence, as a single guy who does not want to stay that way indefinitely, I find that I shall be obliged to give up performance, and probably to pay more, for an automobile other than the one I really want, I.e. this one, because of its silly appearance. Remaining on my list are: Opel Turbo Coupé, Audi A4 (expensive), Seat Leon (haven't tested it yet).

The point of this review is really to ask 2 questions:

1) to ask, does anyone know whether it possible to loose the spoiler and the ugly air intake on the hood, and still have this car go? If it just looked like a plain old, cheap Japanese compact wagon from the outside, while keeping the capability in the chassis and under the hood to leave all the snobby BMW's and Porsches eating mountain road dust (heh heh), that would be just fine with me. I imagine this is a pipe dream, but just in case...

2) Can any WRX fans suggest any car that comes in a reasonably close second to WRX in performance, with a less unsightly appearance?

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Review Date: 5th August, 2001

6th Aug 2001, 07:30

I have an Opel Coupe, it won't keep up with the Scooby to 100mph, but it will keep it in its sights and when they run out of puff, you can sail by at 150mph+. You'll also get good mpg 32+ (not at 150mph), seats 4, multidisc CD, leather, air con. I paid £17,800 UKP so you will save a packet as well (plus it looks good). Have you thought about the Volvo S60, ideal for a grown up like you I would have thought, & they go well, but are a bit more money. Good luck.

2001 Subaru Impreza WRX 2.0 from North America


Best in its class, actually, the only one in its own class!


Nothing yet! I have not babied my car at all past the 500 mile mark and it has ran like a champ!

General Comments:

The car runs great, and the power is awesome! The clutch is a little weak for a car with this much power and AWD, but nothing really serious that could not be resolved with a good aftermarket upgrade.

The looks takes a bit getting use to, but it gets a lot of looks on the street because people don't know what it is.

The Honda and Integra crowd knows not to mess with you, and even the one's squeezing 50 shot NOS could only see the Impreza's tail lights.

The interior is sub-par, I expected something more for $25K, but I could live with it because I didn't get the WRX for luxury.

The AWD grips like it has claws, go into a corner hard just let off the throttle and the tail with give, and then apply the throttle again the car tracks like it's on rails!

There will be tons of aftermarket support for this car, expect to see streetable WRX's roaming in your hood running 12-13 second 1320ft and 0-60 under 5 seconds.

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Review Date: 29th May, 2001

18th Jun 2001, 23:01

In Australia we have WRX's running low 11's and high 10's on totaly street legal tyres with street legal specs. No nitros either. I have also seen a 500kw twin turbo WRX also street driven. Plenty of potential for mods, this car.

29th Sep 2001, 02:12

WRX is one thing and one thing only. BADA$$