2001 Subaru Impreza WRX 2.0 4 cylinder turbo from Australia and New Zealand


High performance, at a low price


My first WRX had spot welding in the boot that would 'pop' out each time a corner was being taken. This gave out an annoying 'pop' sound each time.

The 'Power' light indicator would flick on and off intermittently, indicating low voltage.

The paintwork, although it had been 'Minged' suffered from serious hard-water spots after the first week, and had to buffed out.

The brakes started screeching only after a few weeks of driving.

All these problems occurred on my first WRX - my current WRX suffers only from the brake screeching condition.

The service from Westpoint Subaru is appalling - I had brought the car in for each of these problems - but when I took the car back home I would find that NONE of them had been resolved. This has spoilt my experience in a way. Just be sure to buy your Subaru from a reputable dealer.

General Comments:

The performance is second-to-none on this vehicle. No other car for under $50K will give that 'pin-you-to-your-seat' acceleration. Does suffer from turbo lag from time to time.

The handling is brilliant due to the AWD - this is truly a driver's car which gives a driving experience like no other car can.

The interior is very basic - luxury is certainly not the point with this car (try the Liberty/Legacy B4 if you want luxury...)

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Review Date: 15th December, 2001

2001 Subaru Impreza WRX Sedan 2.0L turbo H4 from North America


Simply fantastic!


Nothing! I've owned Subarus for years, and they're the most reliable cars I've ever encountered.

General Comments:

The WRX is a fantastic vehicle. Relatively cheap, ultra-reliable, handles like a go-kart (that's a good thing!), quicker than anything else similar, and also as practical as any other small 4 door car.

I really like the idea of a small, powerful, great handling, and practical car. For a lot more money, I could have gotten something similar, and perhaps more stylish from BMW or Audi, but I live in the country, and want something that I don't feel bad about driving on gravel. And since it's basically a toned down rally car, that's half the fun of owning one!

Performance is stunning, talk about bang for the buck! While it is not a fast car, per se, it is quick. It'll outrun a Mustang at a stoplight, and simply tear up the back roads around here. In case you're wondering, I gave it a 7/10 for performance only because the car next to it in my garage is that much better, but for something like 7 times the price.

And, it's not just a speed demon boy-racer. Comfortable enough for long trips, with enough space for friends, groceries, etc, etc. Wonderful daily driver. The AWD sure does come in handy in the rain and snow, too.

Being a tinkerer, I've upgraded the wheels and tires, suspension, bushings, and a couple other things. Those only make the car handle better. Subarus are a pleasure to work on, and I'm sure there'll be plenty more aftermarket performance parts available to make these little devils even better.

The interior is not all it could be, but I really have no complaints there. Everything is well laid out and comfortable, and I'd rather have more money spent on the handing aspects of the vehicle than a leather interior or something silly like that.

Other gripes? All inconsequential. Gas mileage is not as good as other small cars, but you expect that with a turbo engine. Speaking of which, the engine has a Dr. Jeckyl/Mr. Hyde personality. Quite docile until the turbo kicks in, and then look out! I've never owned a turbo car before, and that does take a bit of getting used to.

The engine does also rev a bit high at highway speeds. That's a result of the low gearing that makes it so fun in the twisties. Slightly annoying, but a trade-off I'm willing to live with.

I've heard people complain about the slightly goofy looks. I dunno, I think it's cute. Perhaps because I'm female, I dunno. But if you get one, take my advice, and get it without the silly spoiler.

In short, the WRX is my ideal daily driver, errand runner, joy rider, do everything vehicle. It has everything I want in a car, and nothing I don't. I'm amazed it only cost what it did.

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Review Date: 26th November, 2001

7th Dec 2001, 15:07

The other car is a Ferrari. Like I said, the WRX is great, but it pales in comparison. Understandable, though.

0-60 is something between 5.6 and 6.0 seconds, depending on what magazine you read. Impressive, and a decent enough reference number, but what really matters more is handling through the twisties.

If you're thinking of one, go grab a test-drive!

12th Aug 2002, 14:23

I did 0-60 in 5.5 off the line against a Vette the other day... just edged him out after a block or so. The turbo kicks in around 4K and throws you into the back seat, you catch up to the Vette and leave him wondering where you got the little blue rocket.

Simply wonderful to drive, I love my little Blue-baru...

20th Oct 2005, 13:47

I know it has been awhile since this comment, but how would you time yorself doing 0-60 in 5.5 seconds? Did you have a passenger with a stopwatch?? Just wondering...

22nd Jan 2007, 14:08

Funny. You don't feel bad about driving your Ferrari on gravel covered county roads?