2001 Subaru Impreza RX 2.0 AWD from Australia and New Zealand


Fantastic everyday thrashmobile. Get one!


Front light bulb failed. Fog light bulb failed. Interior bulb for front and rear fog light switches blew. Bulbs, bulbs, bulbs, basically.

General Comments:

Great car. I used to own a '77 Toyota Corolla which was thrashed within an inch of its life. Years later, the '01 Impreza has taken its crown. It's very average in terms of acceleration (driving four wheels requires more power than a regular rear/front wheel drive), but the boxer engine layout and four wheel steering makes it unflappable when handling. I had rear sway bars installed and uprated brakes - the car now handles like a Scaletrix toy. It just corners like nothing else. In the rain, it's unstoppable - you never feel unsafe, no matter how much oil there is on the road. When pushed hard, instead of oversteering or understeering, it just floats sideways with barely a grumble - so predictable and an absolute joy to drive.

Fuel consumption is okay - I usually get around 10K a litre, which includes driving at 140km/h every day on a freeway. So, not too bad.

Effectively, it's a gem. I've kept it serviced since I've had it - it has a WRX clutch installed - but my God, I've thrashed it. It's response appears to be: bring it on. There's nothing it hasn't got or won't do. It even has low range AWD for those times when the car park is full ;)

All round, a brilliant car and throughly recommended. Get one and you'll smile every day.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2007

2001 Subaru Impreza P1 2.0 turbo from UK and Ireland


An all round super car - puts ''the best'' super cars to shame for the money they cost..



General Comments:

This car is worth every penny, and while some people would rather get a brand new Impreza for near to the same money, they are the ones that are truly missing out. I feel sorry for people who pay tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands for a car that lacks at least one of the P1s strengths, and it's usually just for a name badge!!

The fact that it has 2 doors is a real head turner, and its huge front bumper and splitter make this car look like the beast it is. Do not confuse this car with an IMPREZA TYPE R, it is 1 of 1000 made - to a high standard of finish!

The 0-60 is 4.5 and it has 285 horses on steroids under the growling bonnet. And when you are driving the car, it feels like you are in a mobile roller coaster. One touch of the pedal, sky rockets you down the road with G force to match.

When you sit in the luxury fabric seats and see the detail that has gone into the interior and the exterior alike, you can truly see that this is unique. It feels almost hand made. The sonic blue paintwork compliments the dark grey or gold wheels, and the blue and grey seats inside.

Corners are no problem, no matter how harsh or what speed you are going. 80 round a sharp bend feels like you are in a train on a track racing round. This car STICKS to the road - you have to feel it to believe it. It's the greatest feeling ever to drive this car, it's no wonder that the Impreza is one of the best handling cars in the world! But this is more than an Impreza!!

It will beat anything you come across on the road, and in any circumstances. I have destroyed many Lambo Gallardos and 360s in the time I have owned the car.

The running costs are what you would expect for a 2 litre turbo, but apart from that, the car is faultless. Don't be fooled by its power and animal looks. The boot space is huge - it would make a great family car, very spacious considering it's a 2 door.

This car combines F1 car speed and handling with Mercedes luxury and comfort, with the practicality of any family car.

Don't spend tens of thousands on a 2 seater, which will get beaten by this car, look worse and cost thousands to maintain - GET THIS CAR!! Whatever your needs and loves, get this car!! If you are interested in buying a P1 or finding out more then please go to www.p1woc.co.uk (P1 members club)

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Review Date: 27th February, 2006

7th Mar 2006, 06:20

Hi, where do you find all the Lamborghini and Ferraris to race or put to shame as you say? I live in Leeds and they are thin on the ground up here.

Have you got the Rob Hawke performance pack fitted?

22nd May 2006, 11:19

Fast car indeed, but I can't agree with the Merc comparison. Like most japanese cars the plastic are nasty and the overall feel is cheap. Which it should be, as it is.