1991 Subaru Legacy GL 1.8i from Belgium


Very discreet, but hard to kill, and damn fast for its age


After 190 000, the gaskets between the transmission and clutch, and several other ones on the oil system, were found to be leaking. Replacement and refill of the oil cost €300.

The attachment of the sun blind in front is not strong enough anymore to support it in the up position. An extra DIY hook solved this.

General Comments:

Never lets you down. Tested the top speed in 2011 (after 20 years): undercarriage shows some vibration between 125 and 150 kmph, from 160 kmph the feeling gets more stable again. At 192 kmph on the dashboard acceleration almost stopped. I guess on a long stretch it would still manage a bit more.

Handling is great, mainly due to the low center of gravity of the engine. At high speeds with strong side winds, the steering needs a steady hand to keep it under control.

Can handle some serious volume and weight. Fuel consumption goes up when doing higher speeds and high load (fuel consumption: highway 8-8.5 l/100 km - city 9.5-10.5 l/100 km).

No failure of any electric gadget: impressive. Electric windows, radio, mirror adjustment, lights, wipers, rear wiper and heating all work flawlessly.

The aesthetics are really neutral and maybe even boring. There is no rust, and no obvious sign of near death.

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Review Date: 10th February, 2012

1991 Subaru Legacy SW 2.2L Non-turbo from North America


The car is a very good highway car


Transmission would not reverse after 147,000 miles.

Seats were not comfortable.

Air leaks constantly through the windows.

Driver side door would not lock.

Right front axle broke at 146,000 miles. (Cost $700) I said B--- S---

Transmission pan leaked then good it fixed (cost $200) which leaked again.

Tires don't last long then intend to wear quickly.

Exhaust system is horrible it breaks so much. (Cost $145)

General Comments:

It is a good car just too many repairs needed.

Not really good for travelling with a family.

Gas mileage is pretty good. (2.2 Liter 4 Cylinder)

The car does have speed though it run like you wouldn't believe.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2008

1991 Subaru Legacy L Wagon 2.2 H4 turbo from North America




Clutch went at 209000 miles.

Rear hatch does not open.

Passenger side door only opens from inside if you hold down the manual unlock and pull the door lever at the same time.

General Comments:

Excellent vehicle. Fast. Low gas costs. Roomy. Everything is easily accessible. Subaru overlooked nothing in the production of this car.

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Review Date: 12th February, 2007

1991 Subaru Legacy from North America


VERY unreliable and a pain to fix


Many, Many air leaks (windows and hatchback)

Constant oil leaks, got them fixed only to have them leak just a few months later.

The front hood latch would not close properly.

The hatchback wouldn't close properly either.

Engine blew out after only 107,000 miles due to manufacture defect.

Burned oil constantly.

Engine would not run smoothly (Took it to several mechanics and everytime I was told, it's a Subaru, they always have some sort of ticking noise.)

Reverse gear wouldn't work half the time.

General Comments:

The great thing about this car was that the heater/air conditioner was EXCELLENT...

However, an engine dying after only 107,000 miles is not so pleasant. It left me stranded on the side of the road. I looked into getting a new engine, but that would be a lot more than the stupid car is worth! Luckily, the dealership I went through was willing to pick it up and junk it for me.

I bought this car from my grandma. She only drove it to church and back and it was garaged for most of its life. I bought it from her in 2001 and had nothing, but problems.

I had to wire the hood down because no one could fix the latch. It would work temporarily only to break again.

The hatchback you would have to slam shut with a mighty force. It also had an air leak so you never had a quiet ride.

Seats are uncomfortable.

The engine would always tick.

This machine had absolutely NO POWER... To go up even a moderate hill was a chore so you can forget ANY mountain driving. (which really stunk because I live near the mountains)

When you go to put the car in reverse, it wouldn't go into gear half the time. VERY ANNOYING!

In other words, DO NOT BUY THIS CAR!!! I don't know how other Subaru's are, but I'm not willing to find out. After having this junker in the shop so many times, I would not buy another Subaru in my lifetime. Maybe someday they can work out the kinks, but this make and model stinks.

Sorry Subaru, lost my business for good...

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Review Date: 19th December, 2006

21st Dec 2006, 18:42

Hi there, sorry to hear about your bad run with the Subaru.

Cars that are babied often are like this. I have had one, it was gutless and used oil etc etc.

Better a car that is used hard/normally than one that is only driven to church carefully once a week. Being worked normally is good for cars, men and women. Being idle is bad. They are made to be used, not for sitting idle. Same as us.