1999 Subaru Legacy GX AWD 2.5 from UK and Ireland


Excellent car, excellent AWD!


Nothing yet.

General Comments:

These cars are under-rated!

Large inside, top quality luxury, fantastic AWD grip, a very good car to own.

I was impressed as soon as I drove this car, it is quiet and smooth with more toys than most (heated seats, full leather, heated electric mirrors, heated windscreen wipers, remote central locking, cruise control, front and rear fogs, ABS, All Wheel Drive, etc)

What really makes this car is the AWD. This car handles very well with grip to spare. Not a sports car, not an Impreza, not hugely fast, but can handle better than a lot on the road and show it some rain/ice/snow and it really comes into it's own.

The newest UK model however (06 3.0R Spec B Semi-Auto) seems like this car except everything it is lacking, such as an extra 100 bhp, rear LSD, more toys, twin exhaust, and improved styling.

Poor points though are the dealerships (or lack of) and lack of knowledge, high running costs for servicing and not massively economical (28mpg)

A good buy though if you want a reliable large car (the estate version also has Subaru's VDC, Vehicle Dynamics Control), with excellent handling, and as high spec as a BMW etc, then you could do a lot worse then a Legacy.

Mine is the 2.5 GX AWD Auto Lux model, 1999. Would not advise the diesel or non Luxury pack however.

Large depreciation means buying one second hand is great value for money.

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Review Date: 17th November, 2005

1999 Subaru Legacy Brighton Wagon 2.2L 4 cylinder from North America


A very dependable ride for the family


Oil leak from front crankshaft seal (fixed when I replaced the timing belt at 61,000 miles) and just recently replaced the starter motor. Other than the above mentioned items, nothing else has been a problem.

General Comments:

Very dependable and fairly comfortable. The 2.2L engine has decent power and is OK on fuel mileage (average about 25 mpg). One thing I dislike is that the throttle is very sensitive when starting out. It seems that the 98 and later Subaru's have this in common. You just touch the gas and the response is almost too much. Other than that minor quirk, the car has been very reliable and enjoyable. The all wheel drive is a big plus in the New England Winters and the reliability has been very good.

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Review Date: 27th May, 2005

29th Dec 2007, 20:11

My parents bought a '98 Legacy from a family friend for my sister and me to drive and it is quite a piece. Yeah the throttle is a little touchy, but it sure is a great car. In fact, my father and myself went on a camping trip and we took that. While we were there our uncle got his big ford f-150 with 4 wheel drive stuck in a foot of mud and we pulled that big beast out with no problem. I will always stick with the Legacy and Outback.

1999 Subaru Legacy 30th Anniversary Standard 4 Cylinder from North America


A lot of money for a low quality vehicle


Power antenna broke twice.

Rear hatch works once in a while.

Air conditioning light on dash doesn't work.

Inside front fender lining comes loose.

General Comments:

This vehicle is slowly self-destructing.

The engine seems mechanically sound, but the quality stops there.

Interior comfort is at a minimum with arm rests as hard as a board.

The cup holder slides out between the radio and the temperature controls. When used, you can't get to either the radio or the heater. It also blocks the emergency flasher button.

The only drivers door switch that is lit at night is the drivers power window.

The automatic door lock button is obscured below the window controls and is impossible to find in the dark.

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Review Date: 19th August, 2004

5th Nov 2007, 10:58

You say the car is "self destructing," but the faults you list are almost trivial. Certainly, they don't amount to self-destruction; in fact, they make the car look pretty reliable and trouble-free. If you had more serious complaints, why not list them?

20th Jan 2009, 02:25

Seriously those are really trivial. I could see some of them getting annoying, but just feel around and memorize. If you bought it new I could understand your complaints, but even then...

8th May 2010, 17:13

This is THE reason why people need to "review the reviewers". These complaints are not about the integrity of the car. I went from reading the overall review thinking "bad car" to actually reading the review and thinking... pretty decent car if that's all there is to complain about.