1999 Subaru Legacy Outback from North America


Low performance gas hog


Oil Pump Leak -83K

Separator plate gasket replaced 80K


General Comments:

After multiple visits and replaced parts the dealer finally determines the transmission has failed and needs to be replaced due to an internal seal that cannot be replaced without a NEW transmission.

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Review Date: 15th August, 2003

1999 Subaru Legacy 2.0 Wagon 2.0 from Australia and New Zealand


Not as good as the hype.


Nothing went seriously wrong, but there was a lot of under-bonnet corrosion of engine ancillaries when new.

Paint quality is very poor and stone chips were pinging it off down to bare metal.

Brake discs warped and needed machining at 30000 kms.

General Comments:

Good car from a reliability perspective, but don't buy one if you have long legs. The driving position is appalling, and about 2 hours is your lot before a good stretch. The firewall is simply too close to you.

Very expensive to feed and service. Good on tyres (80000ks on original Michelins), but it was lightly driven.

Ride as good as a Renault, but handling on these basic models is not as good as you might think. A Mondeo is much better around fast bends.

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Review Date: 19th July, 2003

31st Jan 2008, 06:37

Very objective review, quite helpful I must say, I own a subaru and I would attest to some of the things said here, way to go.

1999 Subaru Legacy Anniversary Limited Ed. from North America


A great family car


Nothing really has broken down. The only problem I have with the car is I get a quiet squeak from the wheels every one in awhile.

The previous owner left a list of what was replaced:

1 front driver side brake.

General Comments:

When I went to the dealer, I knew I wanted a Subaru station wagon. I used to own one about 7 years ago, and loved it, until I was rear-ended by a semi-truck.

This subaru is awesome. I bought it for about $13,000, and discovered it was well worth the price. The special anniversary edition Legacy comes with A/C, sunroof, and various other cool accessories.

The car runs very well. I have never had any complaints about the car, except when my husband ripped the warning sticker that was on glove box off, it left behind parts of the sticker. Oh well.

The car, being a 4 cylinder, doesn't have quite the acceleration I want on it (I guess it is because I am so used to driving high performance vehicles like the corvette), but overall, it is a great family car.

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Review Date: 8th July, 2002

1999 Subaru Legacy GT Sedan 2.5 from North America


A very reliable fun to drive vehicle


Paint is kinda thin, so it chips easier from rocks.

Needed new tires at 70k miles.

Fuse that controls tail lights blew at 75k miles.

Headlights and fog lights burnt out at 82k miles.

General Comments:

No major problems with the car.

Everything that has gone wrong has been normal wear and tear that you would find on any vehicle.

This car is very sporty and fun to drive.

I highly recommend it!

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Review Date: 7th July, 2002

1st May 2004, 20:05

I have a 1999 legacy GT man where do I start, the transmission needs replaced at 99,000 miles the fog lights have water in them, the turn signal lens have moisture in them, rear tail light bulbs burn out 2 x a month. I need 4 struts my tires are cupping.

9th Nov 2010, 18:46


How many cars will go over 470,000 with only replacing the timing belt, water pump, radiator and tires? Oh and regular tuneups and oil changed every 2500 miles.

My 1990 Legacy wagon did.

BTW, just sold it "finally" for $300 to a friend... they DROVE it away.

SUBARU is THE CAR to have.

I suggest to those having issues, that they should learn how to properly maintain a car and only buy properly maintained cars. A whole load of problems then vanish!

1999 Subaru Legacy LX 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Noisy and underrated performance


Nothing, except the paint chips easily.

General Comments:

Wonderful drivers car and cops ignore it. The engine is underpowered for it's size, but the traction and road holding of the all wheel drive more than compensates.

However its boot is too difficult to load.

It's a very rough running car with a lot of road noise and vibration generated by all the additional drive shafts. This makes my daughter very car sick, so don't buy it as a family car!

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Review Date: 14th May, 2001