1992 Subaru Liberty GX 2.2L EJ22 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


A reliable and affordable sedan that's a little different from the rest


When I purchased this car, I got it for a very low price. There were some things that needed to be replaced. A section of exhaust pipe, new brake pads and discs/rotors, new brake fluid, new alternator belt, new oil seal near the head of the engine (not sure if that's correct terminology).

Since having these things fixed, the car runs really well and starts every time without protesting. Braking is excellent (mostly because the previous owner upgraded the brakes to ones from a '94 WRX).

The only things I would fault with it, is that the keys are quite worn, and it's hard to unlock the doors sometimes, as well as start it.

General Comments:

The car is quite comfortable for 4 adults with plenty of leg room. 5 adults would be tight.

Boot space is exceptional for a mid-size sedan.

Good vision all around.

Side mirrors are flat, and don't offer good blind spot coverage.

The engine is responsive, and sounds great with an aftermarket exhaust.

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Review Date: 23rd November, 2012

1992 Subaru Liberty GX AWD 2.2 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Great first car!


CV's need replacing.

Computer replaced.

Transmission replaced at 165000.

Replaced steering rack.

Next service will be replacing timing belt.

Replaced power steering pump.

One brake disc needs machining.

Other than that, everything's working, and I'm very happy with the overall condition.

General Comments:

The car performs well.

A little thirsty on fuel.

Great handling.

A/C heater still works great.

Fun in the wet.

Interior is in excellent condition (one lady owner over for the last 19 years).

A lot of extras, including power everything and cruise control, fog lights and Pioneer sound system.

Skirts and rear spoiler.

Tow and nudge bars.

Standard white Subaru rims.

Well spent $2000 :)

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Review Date: 17th August, 2011

1992 Subaru Liberty RS Turbo Wagon 2.0 DOHC turbo from Australia and New Zealand


Inexpensive performance wagon


1. Clutch replaced at 200,000km.

2. Right hand side cam-cover seal, which sits right next to a very hot turbo pipe, went hard and leaked oil onto said pipe. Caused lots of smoke and a small fire once. 200,000km.

3. Rubber bushes for gearstick linkages worn, replaced at 200,000km.

4. Ignition module (very) occasionally and without good reason cut spark for a second and caused engine to surge. Never replaced, apparently common fault. Just put up with it.

5. Wind noise/whistling around A-pillar seal near mirror. Rubber goes hard with age.

6. Fuel pump died at 220,000km.

General Comments:

You may think there was a lot of stuff wrong with the car. But what is listed above is EVERYTHING. Not bad for a car over 10 years old with more than 200,000km. And (mostly) expected wear and tear items anyway.

Performance. My mother drove it and said she thought it was really sluggish. But she never took it past 2500rpm (boost point). The lag really is that bad.

But this is what happens because these Australian delivered RS Turbos have a larger turbo (running lower boost) than the later WRXs, and much taller gearing too. This means it's a little laggy, and easy to get caught in the wrong gear around town. But it also makes it nice relaxed, sub 10.L/100km highway car with lots of accessible mid-range torque. Not that it's slow. 7 something to 100km/h. Top Speed around 230km/h (indicated). yeah. it pulls. Just have to wait a second for that boost, or pick your gear early.

Handling. The brakes are much larger than a normal liberty and it comes with an LSD rear. It's also a really nicely balanced car. You can feel the left/right weight distribution is pretty spot on thanks to the symmetrical engine layout. So it's a hoot in the wet and can be throttle adjusted through corners really easily. Come in too fast, just back off and the front tucks in nicely, fool-proof really. I guess that's why I see all the Subaru's out playing when it rains.

Practicality. Rear wagon seats fold perfectly flat, with lots of space. Typical Japanese A/C (ie cold and reliable). But back seat not very spacious or comfy since the windows only wind half way down - typical Subaru design there.

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Review Date: 6th September, 2009