1992 Subaru Liberty GX Rallye AWD 2.2L from Australia and New Zealand


Extremely reliable, very safe and robust


Shocks are just beginning to get a little noisy at 160000 kilometres.

CV boots have been replaced about 140000 kilometres - about $180 for two.

Other than this, if you keep the car serviced (even at local mechanic) you will not have any problems at all.

General Comments:

I love this car. This is the second Liberty I have owned of the first Liberty generation shape (used to have a 1990 FWD Liberty GX).

It runs beautifully for a 15 year old car, the paintwork is as new and interior has not worn at all. Admittedly I look after the car!

The All Wheel Drive (AWD) systems on these are faultless, and provide unbelievable stability in the wet and on gravel roads. Not made for proper 4WDing of course.

Mechanically, these cars last forever if serviced routinely. I have found if you run it on Premium unleaded, I usually get about 9L/100kms and a smoother run.

Still running the original air conditioner system with original gas!

Performance is OK (no WRX, but then it's not designed to be!). It is a bit noisy in low gears when revved harder. The earlier 1990 /1991 versions were a little quieter, as they were insulated better.

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Review Date: 29th May, 2007

1992 Subaru Liberty GX 4WD Wagon 2.2 boxer petrol 100kw 189nm from Australia and New Zealand


Tough Capable Comfortable


The previous owners changed the costly original height adjustable suspension for normal suspension, as well as changing CV joints and the oil pump.

As the original owner was an elderly person who did very few kilometers, but mostly short trips, the second owner replaced the exhaust pipe.

The window tinting is beginning to peel around the edges on 2 doors.

Gold metallic paint looks superb, but has a few scratches from unsympathetic car parks.

General Comments:

Nippy performance and light steering make it a breeze to drive and park in town.

4WD is handy for driving on the beach and for extra grip on the road, but lack of ground clearance means it's no rock hopper off road, though a lift kit or the original hight adjustable suspension would fix that.

Handles brilliantly, goes where you point it almost regardless of speed.

Very comfortable and easy to drive long distances, even fully loaded with 4 people and luggage for a week thanks to powerful engine, cruise control, comfy, roomy seats and a huge boot. Ample power for easy overtaking.

Quiet except for wind rush around the left front pillar due to seals shrinking with age.

Exceptional air-conditioning easily copes even with 40˚C + days.

Economy 8-9L per 100km in the country, 11-12L per 100km in the city.

Dashboard update in 1992 looks cleaner and more modern.

Very good equipment level, everything is standard including: luggage cover, cruise control, air-con, power steer, windows, mirrors, great radio cassette, electric aerial, central locking.

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Review Date: 22nd February, 2007

18th Nov 2008, 01:14

My 1992 4w drive Subaru just clicked over at 400000 klm; no oil leaks, no rust, the best car I have ever owned.

Your Subaru has only just been broken in.

1992 Subaru Liberty RS Turbo quad cam 2 litre 4wd from Australia and New Zealand


Great value car from Subaru


Not much, replaced original clutch.

Fog light globe needed replacing.

General Comments:

Great Value for money car! Australian delivered Liberty RS Turbo. A fairly sedate looking reliable car, with performance to go.

Great 0 - 100 time for a stock car, easily the best handling car I've owned.

Car has been kept in it's original mint condition - no mods for reliability sake

1 downside would be, hopeless up large hills.. little bit gutless, found I had to change down a gear or 2.

Still a well made worthy investment.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2006

8th Apr 2006, 08:11

My dog could have written a better review than that!!!

4th Oct 2007, 05:34


I have owned an RS for the past 12 years. I have changed the clutch once, had two fuel pumps and replaced the timing belts every 100,000 as a precaution. At 200,000k I decided to change the plugs, not that there was a problem, I just thought 200,000k was a good run for a set of plugs.

The car has now done over 250,000k and still drives like new. The suspension is still firm and tight, and the car is still a pleasure to drive. Turbo lag is not an issue, but it maybe for someone who does not have the skill to drive a car that generates its best power over 3000rpm.

This is a drivers car! It is well behaved and the front/rear break bias is well balanced. Power steering and power brakes have the right amount of feel, and the seats are comfortable, but still firm enough for an enthusiast.

The only criticisms I would have is that the headlights are not particularly efficient, and yes it has the lifter tapping noise occasionally.

A great car!!!