1992 Subaru Liberty GX 2.2 from Australia and New Zealand


A great cruising car


Catalytic converter and O2 sensor.

Harmonic balancer (crankshaft pulley)

Dash parts cracking.

General Comments:

A superb car. Reasonable fuel economy and handling, and excellent reliability.

The engine is quite powerful and torquey. The handling is a little 'soft" for a press-on driver, with too much power steering assist.

Seating could be better (driver's seat doesn't go far enough back for tall people), and the interior generally looking a little tattered with age.

Interior a little dull and boring. Plastic in the dash and elsewhere is cracking due to poor local roads and sunlight.

Parts aren't cheap. The catalytic converter and O2 sensor cost nearly $AU1400 fitted. Could have gotten a custom system for the same, except these aren't easy to get in the Australian outback. It's entirely possible the converter died due to bad fuel. Other parts needed due to close contact with kangaroos at speed were also expensive.

The cupholders are fine. Australians don't carp on endlessly about them like Americans. Anyway, I'd never owned a car with them before!

Subarus hold their value well in Australia, and this is appropriate considering their European flair combined with Japanese reliability.

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Review Date: 28th June, 2001

26th Aug 2003, 06:33

We have had a wagon 3 yrs. It had 130k when we got it and now 220k. Total repairs needed:

Alternator $400, failed at about 40k, replaced under warranty

Drive shaft $800

Both rear airbag suspensions, $520 ea, and

Leak on power steering (under repair)

A few annoyances:

The front quarter window seals whistle

Rear window wiper intermittent

Rocker cover gasket oil leaks $50 ea.

No cracks on dash, 2 kangaroo strikes $5000 ea (give or take) Panel beaters did a fantastic job.

Runs well, nice and toey, good on long family trips, good fuel economy. We will buy similar newer wagon.

6th Sep 2004, 17:20

I too also had huge problems with the air bag suspension / height control. After much money on repairs and general grief, we finally had the entire suspension replaced by Pedders for about AU$1650. I am now rapt with the car and becoming a bit of an enthusiast. If you can buy models without this height control I would opt for that as the car is very reliable and has a better than average safety rating. My only gripe is you cannot fit three child car seats in the back!

17th Apr 2005, 21:07

I have owned the wagon for 8 years. It had 80K when I got it and now has 225K.

The cost of ownership of this car compared to others has been great.

I too replaced the air shocks - $1000

2 split (plastic) radiator tanks

1 sticking thermostat

I am currently faced with a repair bill for new bearings for the gearbox main shaft of around $2000!!

Whistling window is annoying

No cracks on dash.

I too will buy another Subaru wagon once I have run this one to 500K.

28th Nov 2005, 08:24

I live in Australia and have a 1992 Liberty GX. Occasionally, only very occasionally, when cranking the engine whilst starting in won't turn over. After a few tries it eventually does and sounds and runs like it has only fired 2 cylinders. After at most 30 seconds, this extremely rough idling disappears and runs smoothly again. Does anyone know what this means? Thanks.

11th Jun 2010, 13:48

Paid 4k for my 92 sedan in 2004.

I don't spare it; I push it hard with no major failures.

Replaced water pump... thermostat.. CV boots.

Vehicle has a few electrical problems... but remember it has done 300.000 kms.

Will drive it till it dies... and definitely buy another one.