1999 Subaru Liberty RX 2.5 boxer from Australia and New Zealand


The dictionary definition of versatility


None so far; needed a new wheel bearing when I purchased it, and hasn't missed a beat since.

Just remember to change the engine oil every 80-100,000 kms, as the boxer engines tend to buildup sludge after this time.

General Comments:

The boxer engine is great mix of economy and power, but as a bit of a teenage hoon, I'm always looking for more.

That said, I live in a mountain area and you'll be able to corner with just about any other stock car you come across, provided it isn't a super car.

If I was selling this car to sensible driver, I would be able to tell them the car is economical, and the AWD gives you great safety in all conditions.

If I was pitching a sale to a passionate driver, I would say the car has great power for its engine size, none of which is wasted by wheel spin, and the car corners like a dream.

I wouldn't be lying in either case.

Interior wise the car is fairly spacious; my friends that are around the 6'1 mark don't complain when they have to sit in the back. The seats are comfortable for around 1 and a half trips; after a while I find myself adjusting my seating position a bit.

The stereo is good, while not great. It will suffer a bit at the higher levels, which isn't a problem if you don't take the dial past 30.

The A/C is also good; the heating is top notch, while the cold air could be colder.

Overall it is a great car, one that has me telling my friends the only other car I'll ever buy is a newer model.

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Review Date: 6th October, 2011

7th Oct 2011, 07:40

Change the engine oil every 80-100,000km??

14th Nov 2011, 22:30

I think he would mean 80,000-100,000.

9th Mar 2013, 02:53

Oil has to be changed every 5000km. If you didn't change your oil until 80000km, your engine would seize.

1999 Subaru Liberty RX 2.5 from Australia and New Zealand


Sporty and yet efficient


Nothing has gone wrong with it so far. It was kept in good condition prior to buying.

General Comments:

Awesome car. Definitely worth every cent.

Considering it's a 2.5 four cylinder, it has a good top end. It has very good handling, even more so in the wet.

The interior is set out well. The seats are very comfy, but if you have the leather interior that can be annoying in summer, as they get very hot very quickly.

All round I think it's an awesomely built car. I will probably buy another Liberty in the future.

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Review Date: 15th December, 2008

5th Mar 2009, 06:43

Very interested on how you are doing now? It has been nearly 3 months since you bought the car. Do you have any blown head gasket problems?

I have been researching on the web on this model. Found this site: http://home.comcast.net/~skipnospam/guestlog2.html

Most of them are from the US... I think they call it Subaru Legacy. Same model...

I saw a Liberty 1998 and it's got 270000km on it. It started good and sounds good... but I am worrying about a blown head gasket. It's from a dealer... I guess I need to purchase a warranty...

I thought the Toyota Cressida was bad with gaskets... Subaru seems the same.

1999 Subaru Liberty RX 2.5lt from Australia and New Zealand


A nice car that is good on the eyes, performs great and is fuel efficient


I've only had this car for a week, and 2 days after I bought it, the transmission would clunk when changing gears (up and down), accompanied by a jolt and would also be reluctant to shift into 4th.

A quick trip to the dealer saw them top up the transmission fluid and all is well for now.

General Comments:

A very nice, comfortable car which is very spacious, easy to adapt to and feels more solid than my old Corolla.

Handles excellent in the wet.

Fuel economy has been about 10lt per 100km, with about 50% inner city/peak hour driving.

The CD player is the only downer as it is only 30W x4 with budget factory speakers.

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Review Date: 2nd September, 2005