1999 Subaru Outback 2.5 from North America


Costing more money to repair than the car is worth


I have owned this car since 1999, and have had a few problems with it.

The transmission is the major problem at the moment. I reverse out of driveway and then put car in drive; it stalls, and then after a brief delay, finally goes into drive. I have it at the shop at this time, $2,300 dollars to rebuild the transmission. I am not happy knowing that this is a common problem, and yet I still have to spend money that I do not have to fix it.

I also have a problem with a scraping noise coming from the rear of vehicle. I have had it at the shop on at least three occasions, and although the mechanics can hear the noise, they cannot locate it, to repair. This includes the Subaru dealership. I am not a happy customer.

I also have the issue of an oil leak; that of course is going to cost even more money to repair.

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Review Date: 17th June, 2008

29th Dec 2009, 21:05

I have had the same problem; the cars are junk.

1999 Subaru Outback from North America


Comfortable, cushy, holds the road, but both engine and tranny failed at 95k so unsatisfied.


Within the first year we had noticed that oil seemed to be disappearing too quickly. The dealership claimed it had a minor leak.. didn't leak fast enough to trigger the warranty. Knowing this I always kept the level checked.

At 95000 miles the radiator plugged and overheated.

It blew the head gasket. This was on the way to a transmission shop to find out why there was a lag in shifting into gear. It turned out that after the head gasket was replaced the engine was toast. While the car was at the mechanics, the transmission went t-u.

Still cheaper (tho not by much) to replace with "good used" parts, we spent over 5k to fix it.

Mechanics told us this was the first year with a double overhead cam and it was a year.

General Comments:

This was the first new car we'd ever bought. I expected at least 200k miles if not 300,000 miles before it died.

With exception of the oil leak and the engine & tranny blow up, it had performed reliably. (that's a big exception tho). The car felt solid and very comfortable.

It handled well tho a fast correction in steering would trigger a fishtailing. This car was perfect for our needs as you could pack a lot into it without having an suv or van. My bike fit perfectly into the rear (with the back seats down) so I didn't need a carrier for it.

I used to have a horse and and hauled gear in the back- the all wheel drive was good on gravel roads.

Loved the styling with the hood scoop (last year that had it).

I would probably go back to a Honda after this experience unless I could be convinced it was a fluke.

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Review Date: 9th March, 2008

1999 Subaru Outback Ltd 2.5 from North America


Fairly good unitil 120,000, then big $$$


The car has been relatively defect free since it was purchased. In 121,000 miles I have replaced tires once, brakes once, a right front axle and CV joint (never felt the same after that repair and despite whining about it for years and discussions with SOA, no improvement), a starter and a battery. This is in addition to the standard recommendations on belts and timing chain/belt, fluid changes etc.

Now, the big problems have surfaced. Had some trans slipping when hard accelerating from say 40 to 60. Took it in and they say new trans and you also need a power steering pump. Total cost: $4800. Now, the blue book is about $7000 so I am not inclined to complete the repairs. The car is immaculate, but can't making that investment. It will be a great parts car though!

My 1987 4wd wagon had 132,000 when I traded for the Outback. It had some issues too, but the Outback appears to be more repair intensive than my 87. I think when I trade or sell the Outback, I won't be purchasing a Subaru again.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2008