2000 Subaru Outback Wagon 2.5L from North America


Over-rated and overpriced


Five years ago, brake pads were done and rotors turned. At the same time, had a faulty knock sensor replaced.

Two years ago, had drive axles replaced.

This year, had front brakes done and new rotors put on. Was also told at this time that head gasket was leaking and will need done. The rear O2 sensor will need to be replaced, as well as the CV boots and joints.

I know we've had other issues, but they escape my mind...

Fortunately we found a reasonable Subaru certified mechanic, but still find that Subaru parts and labor are expensive. Our mechanic also informed us that this model year has issues with excessive wear on brake pads, and will most likely need a new catalytic converter within the next couple of years, as this is also "normal" for the 2000 Outback.

General Comments:

Very disappointed in the quality of our Subie.

We bought this car while living in New Hampshire, thinking there must be a reason why there were an abundance on the road. Besides the AWD, I don't understand the loyalty to this manufacturer. According to our mechanic, Subaru knew about the head gasket issue, but didn't change the design, and the replacement gasket they offer does not last. Wish we would've done our homework first, we never would have bought this car. We are selling it, and happy to be free from the expensive repairs!

One thing I can say for the Outback is that I could fit a pottery wheel in the back without folding down the seats. Also, the interior is comfortable and the ride is generally smooth.

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Review Date: 5th August, 2010

2000 Subaru Outback Base 2.5 from North America


Wonderful only if purchased new and dealer maintained by an owner with deep pockets!


Two pair of fuel injectors (same side), head gasket, thermostat froze causing overheating (and head gasket), viscous coupling. The car spent as much time in the shop as on the road, literally!

General Comments:

Never, ever, buy a used Subaru. My father bought new ones for years, and they were all great. All his were dealer serviced from new. Mine were acquired used, and were garbage.

This one was victim of the dreaded serpentine belt breakage. It was traded in for a new one. Dealer sold it to a shop who did an engine swap and replaced a slew of parts (he gave me receipts). I thought it worth the gamble. I should never gamble!

After the 30 warranty expired, I needed to replace the fuel injectors at $1000. OK, every used car needs work, and so I did it.

Then returning from Ohio, the thermostat froze and blew the head gasket in Greenfield, Indiana (excellent town to break down in; wonderful and helpful people!). Car gets towed to my father's old dealer in Ohio and repaired. $2200 later, I return to the dealer from St. Louis and collect my car, which lasts about 3000 miles until, you guessed it, the previously-replaced injectors went south. Another $1000 gone. Now she sits in the drive with the viscous coupling going out, and I do not have $1500 to fix it, and am in no mood to pay for this thing twice!

When it runs, it is great. Keeping it running is NOT a poor man's endeavor. STAY AWAY!

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Review Date: 14th July, 2010

21st Nov 2011, 21:50

Sorry to hear about your troubles. All I ever buy are used Subarus, and all have needed head gaskets etc.. But after bring repaired they go for 150k more miles... almost without any trouble at all!

Just one thing, your injector story is comical. Injectors don't fail the way you describe. The shop was totally taking you for a ride. Sorry to hear about your troubles, but you gotta quit trusting certain shops. Somehow they seem to see you coming.