19th Jun 2006, 03:08

My name is Dr Shafique, and I got the car last year and it's full of problems. Its air conditioning was good last year, but not this year. My car has so many problems no Suzuki dealer has agreed to make the things working under guarantee. May Allah guide them with what they are doing with the general public.

Dr Shafique ur Rehman

Owner of Alto VXR

15th Nov 2006, 01:13

Suzuki alto for me has been very economical under the pressure of high fuel rates. A/C is almost perfect and capacity too is OK, the only problem with this car is the wheels are, for my sense, properly alligned, It's a must drive car, keep you senses opened while driving alto on or over 100 kms/hr.

29th Sep 2007, 08:29

I have purchased my Mehran VXR CNG in December of 2006, till then it has provided me with the following pains:

1. Within a few days of my purchase its rare wheel shock reducer (called KAMANI in urdu) I mean one of the bands within broke apart.

2. Later down the period fuel gauge freaked out.

3. The fittings e.g. the rubber linnings, minor cabling and other like fittings start coming off without any apparent reason.

4. Now after 9 months the engine heat gauge is always turning for the center even when I start the car early in the cool morning.

15th Apr 2008, 07:55

I have had my Suzuki Alto now for three years and I am happy with it. The only thing that troubles me is that now and then when I slam my brakes, I feel as if there is a reaction of some metal! Could it be the master of the brake system that makes the noise?

I am thinking seriously of incorporating the a/c. Should I go for a second hand one or a new one? I am a pensioner and if I can save some euro would be ideal. I hail from Malta; any second hand a/c in good condition for sale?

25th May 2009, 11:00

I purchased Suzuki Alto in April 2008 and found it much better than the Mehran, much much better I should say. Road grip, engine, space all look good to me, now I'm looking for AC, need an opinion on that?

21st Feb 2010, 13:18

My name is TAUFIQ AHMED, student of E. engineering (swabi) (N.W.F.P). I have got an Alto (1000cc), which is a so much better car than the Mehran, because I've driven Mehran very much, the ride difference is as Mehran is to a donkey, and the Alto is to a horse. The Mehran is very much slow pickup, and no A/C compatibility, while the Alto is so much comfortable and power full car with good A/C. It gets the speed up to 140km/h in CNG.

I advise to all, don't buy Mehran, buy the Suzuki Alto VXR to enjoy the drive and your life.

(0345 9700276)

12th Feb 2011, 02:06

In some days I am going to buy a new Alto VXR, so I was reading comments of you people. Many people are comparing the Alto with the Mehran, which makes no sense at all, as we can see that the Alto has an engine of 1000cc, while the Mehran has 800cc. And a price difference is also there. So if someone really wants to buy an Alto VXR, then he should compare it with Santro Exec 1000 CC, or Santro Club, regards.

M Imran.

15th Mar 2017, 10:59

A comparison exists between the Mehran and Alto as both are members of the same family i.e. Mehran (Alto 2nd Generation) and Alto (5th Generation).