2000 Suzuki Baleno GL 1.6 from Australia and New Zealand


Cheap, but not worth it in the end


The plastic cover over the interior light keeps falling off.

The seat belt constantly frays. I have had it replaced 4 times.

Second gear and reverse always grinds.

The windows have to be pulled up extra hard or else it is still down a little bit.

General Comments:

It is an OK car, but I wouldn't recommend that you buy one. I have had heaps of mechanical problems in the two years I have owned it. The car sometimes doesn't start first time, and sometimes it just stalls for no reason.

It has a quick responsive engine though. It is fun to drive because it is small and zippy.

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2003

25th Mar 2004, 10:01

"The car sometimes doesn't start first time, and sometimes it just stalls for no reason."

I have an 1800cc Fuel injected version - and it started playing up. I cleaned the idler device on the manifold (the round thing with wires, held by two bolts). Remove it from the car, and although it does not dismantle - unlike previous Ford versions I have known - it responded well to Carburettor Cleaner (the sort you buy into auto shops in an aerosol). I sprayed into it and rinsed it until the liquid ran clear - and refitted it. No more problems!!

Andy S


2000 Suzuki Baleno GLX estate 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Very good value for money


There is a knocking from the right lower front of engine/transmission. This knock is quite pronounced with a cold engine, when you accelerate hard in a straight line or cornering. As the engine warms up (or the oil gets round?), the knocking becomes less evident.

It jumps out of 5th gear on a long run. The first long run I did with the car was yesterday, and it jumped out of gear 4 times in 400 miles.

General Comments:

The car seems to represent good value - you get a lot of car for your money.

Its not very sporty, but the handling & brakes are superb.

The throttle pedal is very soft.

The spec seems minimal. It has central locking, but not on a fob - you need to use the key. The interior light, although its bright, goes off as soon as you close the door. The mirrors are electrically operated for setting, but are not heated.

The seat belt reels are poor at coiling up a released belt - sometimes results in a trapped belt in a closed door.

The cabin is very roomy, with plenty of legroom for the rear seat passengers.

The 60/40 split of rear seats is nice.

A lovely touch are all the cub-by holes under the mat at the rear - including a bucket!

It also has cup-holders at the front.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2003

14th Jan 2006, 04:04

Dzien Dobry, Bogdan.

It is now 2 1/2 years & 50,000km since I bought the car. The knocking is louder than before when cold, but still disappears within 2 minutes (or so).

Apart from that, the plastic hinge on centre console broke & the replacement from a scrapyard is 1/3 broken.

The only other problem I've had is the top radiator hose started leaking past the clamps - replacement (2weeks del.) fixed it.

2000 Suzuki Baleno 1.6L from India


Indeed, a high performance bargain


A minor rattle with the steering column was attended to promptly by factory personnel.

General Comments:

My initial choice was between the Baleno and the Honda City and it was rather a difficult one. But I seem to have made the right decision and am pleasantly surprised at having a very rewarding ownership experience.

The performance is fantastic especially on account of the flat torque curve - you seem to be in the meat of the power band in most driving conditions. In fact the engine is so responsive, you rarely need to use more than 4500 RPM at any point unless you are in a real hurry. Overtaking Lancers (1.6) and Honda City's are a walk in the park.

The fuel efficiency is extremely good when you consider the performance on tap helped largely on account of the torque available which allows you to move along all day in a high gear.

The service is definitely good as you are the top of the line and are given preferential treatment too.

Tyres could be better though and the handling is towards understeer though depending on where you are it doesn't really matter.

Looks? Good from all angles except the rear from about 250 meters away. The side is especially good and gives a very solid look to the car. The redesigned front end is trendy too.

The Interiors could do with a tach that's the same size as the speedo indicating its performance pedigree.That's about the only peeve I have with the interior, otherwise its pretty good, insulates noise and has a very effective air con. The Kenwood music system is more than adequate and comes with a remote too. Power mirrors are standard along with the usual central locking and power windows etc.

Value for money if you are a performance freak.

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Review Date: 4th April, 2002