14th May 2005, 16:50

Suzuki window rubbers need to be sprayed with silicon to keep them from sticking to the window. It will ease the effort taken to move the window up and down it's track.

6th Mar 2006, 09:27

The car sucks. I have one and the speed gauge is damaged, the car's maximum speed is 95 to 100mph and the speedometer passes a hundred and none of my mechanics can fix it.

28th Feb 2009, 04:37

I have owned a Suzuki Baleno 2000 wagon 1.6L version for almost a year now. It is a great car, reliable, cheap on fuel and running costs. It could use a little more leg room, but it is no worse than any other car in its size range i.e. Corolla or Lancer.

For all those people who don't seem to know how to drive a manual and find that 2nd and reverse grind as you put the car in gear, I suggest you place your foot on something called the clutch and then try changing gears.

It lacks a little road presence with its conservative design, but if you're not a serious driver or rev head like me, this is a great car to buy and I highly recommend it.

Just remember when you own a car, it has to have something done around every 6 months or every 10 000km, a car service. If you do this the Baleno should serve you well for a long time.

5th Apr 2012, 20:23

We have owned our Baleno for a year now. Although it had been treated badly by previous owners, it is a great little car.

We have had a few things done to it, but bought it second hand from a car dealer, so these things are to be expected.

Mechanically, it has been perfect, and with regular service, no reason to think it won't stay that way. Yes, second gear does have its issue, but considering it is the most used gear in any gear box, being a small car, not unexpected. We purchased the car with the second gear problem. We bought the car as a fill in with no information prior to purchase, and have been greatly surprised with the cars performance.

And yes, it is a wee bit tight inside.

Cheap to run and suits its purpose. Perfect for a first car or a single young person. Will get you there & get you home.