23rd Mar 2004, 11:08

I also found the car speakers not working on the driver's side, but further it is ideal for semi-off road. But Yes, if you load 5 people, the hill's start to get a real challenge.

24th Apr 2005, 16:32

I live in the Feral West Coast and my 1992 Escudo handles OK, Yes Drivers seat Stitching and right hand speakers played up, bot OK after minor repairs...

Economical for a 1.6 especially in Overdrive.

A good Light 4X4.

27th Feb 2006, 21:46

I disagree too. I have a 1992 5dr 1.6l auto, and it's off-road abilities, as factory standard, are exceptional for its size, and the price I paid. This truck has been off-road and kept up with much bigger 4WD's, and even with no snorkel can wade remarkably deep crossings without spluttering. The engine bay is well laid out, with all electrics mounted as high as possible, much better than the silly places they stick air filters and turbo units in modern Terranos and such. On the downside, these little trucks float a little easy, and can head off downstream in fast flowing sections. Also ground clearance is not marvellous - I'd like to stick a lift kit in mine.

5th Aug 2007, 20:50

We have both a 1991 5 door Escudo and a 1998 NZ New V6 Vitara, both have exceptional 4wd capabilities for the size of the trucks. As mentioned though ground clearance is pretty poor and I've bellied my V6 on a number of occasions. Also my wife's 1600cc Auto isn't that econonic and returns only slightly better fuel economy than my V6, however hers has factory front and rear LSD's and can out perform my 4wd'ing.

30th Jan 2010, 07:28

Great fun here, I own a pimped 1.6 litre Escudo, and have done all sorts of Kenyan roads till I was almost washed down stream in Dec 09, but never the less, the main hassle is the rear clearance, which made it hard for me to do 6-day journey from Sudan to Kenya (May 09), but the fuel efficiency was superb.


28th Sep 2012, 16:00

Jemo, where do you get spare parts for Suzuki in Nairobi? How costly are they compared to the good old Yots and Barus? What's your take on the stability of the car at high speeds (120 to 150kph)? Fuel consumption?

I am looking at owning a V6 2.7L 4WD Escudo, and am a bit taken aback by the negative ratings regarding running costs and availability of spares.

16th Jan 2013, 08:03

Dennis, Tanzania.

I own a 2.0 Suzuki Escudo 1998 model. The vehicle is not stable on the road, starting from 80km/h. I am looking for a quick technical modification to get the stability.

I know in some other vehicles it is possible to install double rear shocks, but not in this one. Does anyone know of a quick fix?

14th Apr 2013, 02:54

Thanks Jemo for input.

Any insights for what to look into when buying a used Escudo in Kenya?

Dhillon @ Nairobi.