2004 Suzuki Forenza LX from North America


Piece of crap. Now looking for a new car


Car drove good until 40,000 miles, now this car stays in the shop.

The check engine light won't go off, the car won't shift when it gets past 50 mph and starts making noise. Now it's going to a mechanic for the third time. Not only that, but I think they're saying the problem is a catalytic converter.. this car is crap..

General Comments:

This car has a nice interior, and great speakers and radio.

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Review Date: 28th August, 2010

18th Jan 2011, 19:53

You bought your Suzuki used, so the 10 year/100K powertrain warranty might not apply.

However, on the catalytic converter, that is covered under a US Federal emissions warranty. 8 year/80K so don't let them charge you for that exhaust work!

19th Jan 2011, 21:40

This is why Suzuki doomed itself in the U.S. They were known for building tough SUVs and some good small cars. But they bought into rebadged Daewoos like Chevrolet. Their reliability ratings plummeted. This car is not a Japanese Suzuki. It's based on a Daewoo and built in South Korea.

2004 Suzuki Forenza from North America


This is a poor performer for the money. I would stick with Toyota


I have owned this car since it was new. I have had the check engine light come on about 4 times in the last year.

The dealership said it was something to do with a sensor and idle and the rest the check engine light, did a tune up, replaced the valve cover, spark plugs, wires etc... it was also leaking oil and running rough. It was fixed and I had a loaner car.

Light came on... then went off... then came on again... then went off.

After that the air bag light came on and I did not have it looked at because I don't have the time off to take it in.

Now the check engine light is on again. I took it to one of those auto stores and the man said it was the gas cap. So I bought a new gas cap. That did not fix it.

The air bag light is on. The car is running rough and heating up. It is undriveable. I have two little kids, no money and no time off. So now I have to take another day off... emergency and maybe use my last sick day because the dealership does not have appts for Monday. I am so frustrated I could scream.

General Comments:

I don't think I would buy another Forenza but I'm pretty stuck because I have no money and my credit is bad... the economy is bad.

I don't like the pick up on this car. And when you come to a stop it acts like it doesn't want to stop... like the idle is screwed up. It jerks then stops.

I like the seats, the way the car looks, the way the radio and the hand controls are.

The car has no pick up whatsoever so if you are in traffic and need to really hit it... forget it!

It's not worth the bother and headache. I want my old Corolla back (totalled in an accident).

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Review Date: 26th July, 2008

5th Jul 2010, 19:00

Oh honey!!! I hear you!!! I also have a 2004 Suzuki Forenza, which just so happens to be one of the biggest mistakes of my life!!

Valve cover gasket has gone out twice in one year, I got it fixed again 2 weeks ago, and it's doing the same thing again already!!! I just spent my rent money on the car, and it's still not drivable.

The only thing I have not had that you mentioned is the air bag thing; I haven't had that happen yet.

My car shakes when I slow down, I can't use the A/C cuz it has no power when the A/C is on, it won't go!! Period. Not running the A/C helped for a week, then I changed the air filter... simple right??? No! that made all the problems even worse!! Now I have to go back to the Suzuki dealer... 2 weeks after I had the valve cover gasket fixed, and $550.00 dollars later, and 2 weeks later, the car is still very jacked up!!! Undriveable.

I have 71 thousand miles on it, and would trade it for any Toyota or Honda that was 15 years old, to just get rid of that dang car!!!

7th Jul 2010, 18:54

Update. 550.00 I spent 2 weeks ago, now I find out the ignition coil was bad, of course it wasn't covered under warranty, so that was another 400.00! Ugh!