2004 Suzuki Forenza S 2.0 from North America


Different in a good way


Nothing has gone wrong in the past five months that I have owned it.

General Comments:

This is a great looking car, it brings tells the world that I'm here and I'm different from all those other cars. I have done a lot of test drives and reviews. Coming down to the wire the Forenza seemed to be the best choice not only for value, but cost as well. When I was getting insurance quotes, for all of the cars I test drove I was told around 350 a month, my Suzuki runs about 238 a month. (Mind you I am only 20 with speeding tickets).

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Review Date: 3rd November, 2004

7th Jan 2006, 16:41

I just purchased a 2005 Forenza at 8000 miles and I have no complaints with it. Lots of power and speed when you need it-everything is in fine working order. 4 disc brakes, power everything, comfortable interior, beautiful sound system.

2004 Suzuki Forenza S 2.0 four cylinder gasoline from North America


A great student car or first car


The car is new so nothing has gone wrong, but there was one defect.

The clock resets itself to 1:00 every time the car is started after resting for about twenty minutes. I am going to take it in to the dealer to get it fixed.

General Comments:

The Suzuki Forenza is a nice small car that has a good combination of sportiness and practicability.

The interior is simple and has good fit and finish, with all the controls in easily accessible places. It comes with a CD player and a cassetee player with an eight speaker stereo system. It has power locks, power windows, speed sensitive power steering, and heated side view mirrors. The instrument cluster is simple and easy to read with great illumination for night.

The engine pumps out 126 horsepower which gives the Forenza plenty of power for passing. The engine runs quietly not creating too much noise at higher speeds.

For safety features the car has a driver side and passenger side airbags. The car can also come with anti-lock brakes.

Overall the car is a great buy for a smaller car. It has many of the features of other cars in its class, but cost a lot less. If you are looking at cars like the Ford Focus, the Honda Civic, or the Toyota Corolla, give the Forenza a look also.

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Review Date: 24th July, 2004

5th Jul 2010, 19:33

Amen sister!!! Never, ever, ever ever buy a Suzuki!!!

12th Aug 2010, 11:13

Update on my 2004 Forenza S: Now at 150,000 miles as of July 2010. They are mostly highway miles, but it's been a pretty reliable daily driver.

Only major problems I can recall since new:

- Crankshaft pulley bearing went out and replaced by dealer at around 58,0000.

- Valve cover gasket started leaking some oil at around 78,000. Replaced at home and it started leaking a little again at around 108,000. Haven't bothered changing it again yet.

- Dealership replaced water pump and serpentine belt when they did the regular maintenance of replacing the timing belt at around 100,000.

-Instrument cluster light behind odometer went out at 128,000, but comes back on at times. Probably a bad connection. No big deal.

-I think the rear calipers started seizing up recently.

Overall for a car with 150,000 miles this isn't too bad. I feel bad for those with lots of problems with their Forenzas. From what it sounds like, there wasn't much quality control at GM/Daewoo with these cars. Some came out great, some not so great.

2004 Suzuki Forenza EX 2.0-liter, 16-valve DOHC from North America


Great bang for your buck


Nothing has gone wrong with this car so far.

General Comments:

This car is the best buy you can get for the money. It has loads of get up and go. It has this feature where when you are on the highway, you push a button while cruising and you average around 38 mpg. It gets about 24 mpg in the city. Compared to the Toyota Corolla this beats it ten times over.

I don't understand why no one is buying them around my house (the dealership is down the street). I would buy another Suzuki any day. It sounds great and runs great.

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Review Date: 6th June, 2004

26th Jun 2004, 20:09

Did you know that it's built by GM-Daewoo in South Korea? Only time will prove if it's reliable. You can't compare it to a Corolla.

6th Aug 2004, 22:46

I also own a new Forenza. The car has been very good. I have owned a couple Toyota's in the past and I would have to say that the experience thus far has been equal to that of the Toyota. Indeed time will tell on the reliability, but with the 100,000 mile warranty, free loaner car, and available wrap warranty to extend bumper to bumper to 100k, its very much worth taking the chance. If one can remember the corolla of the 70's, it was that funny little cranky car, it was hard to start, yet was dependable. I guess the statement I'm making is, don't prejudge a book by its cover. There are many good things about this car.