2007 Suzuki Forenza from North America


Don't buy it


My paint on my 2007 Suzuki is coming off and leaving plastic yellow underneath.. it looks awful.. I am so upset...

Also I've had my stereo replaced because the original stereo just never worked...

It also releases a terrible fume when I use the AC..

General Comments:

Its good on gas and that's it... I've been ripped off...

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Review Date: 12th June, 2008

2007 Suzuki Forenza from North America


Wish I could afford to get rid of it!


Air bag light continually comes on.

Tires & serpentine belt had to be replaced.

Seat belt recall that I only knew about because I took in for other problems.

Power steering light is constantly on, but was told by the service repairman it was no big deal, & I just found out right before long road trip that it is cracked & is important!

Paint is chipping, even though I paid extra for protection.

Air & heater continually blow out fumes that coat the inside windows & smell terrible.

General Comments:

Have had many things go wrong with this car, yet the salesman assured us that it would be easy to get in for work if necessary. Can hardly get it in as only car & the hours they are open are within those hours. Saturdays they have a skeleton crew & do not allow appointments.

Not so bad by itself, but the people are rude & condescending. Right from the start we have had problems & wanted to get rid of it. If we didn't owe so much on it, we would, but as we explained to salesman, we had had some major medical bills & child was still under Dr's. care, so had to find a reliable car we could afford as cosigning for someone else had messed up our credit score.

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Review Date: 16th February, 2008

20th Jun 2011, 20:00

Most of the comments have to do with the dealer, not the car.

2007 Suzuki Forenza 2.0 Gasoline from North America


It's a decent car for a small family on a budget


Nothing has gone wrong so far.

General Comments:

Well, I bought this car for my wife yesterday, so I obviously won't be able to give a full review now. I will however update this as the car gets older.

First the interior is very roomy which is a big concern for me as I'm 6'3" and 260lbs. It is comfortable for me, my wife, and my daughter to all take rides together. Her parents have a corolla and I constantly feel crushed.

As far as the "get up and go" it doesn't have as much as my Dodge Ram that I drive, but I think it does alright. Speed really seems to pickup above 30mph, I've found that I definitely have to watch my speed.

The sound system is very nice. We put a CD in and it sounded great.

I'd like to be able to speak as to the gas mileage, but we haven't even emptied the tank being at 101 miles, but I did feel like I should give my first impressions of the car.

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Review Date: 17th July, 2007

21st Mar 2013, 07:42

No updates after 5 1/2 years.

Maybe it all went downhill after that first tank of gas?