2007 Suzuki Forenza from North America


I would never buy another Suzuki


All tires had to be replaced 8 months after I bought the car.

Interior door handles have fallen off in my hand.

Radiator had to be replaced when car was two years old.

Just replaced the entire air conditioning system.

My hood is rusting already, and all the paint has peeled off the exterior door handles.

Power window and lock buttons had to be repaired.

The shifter (automatic) became hard to use, and had to have some repair.

General Comments:

It's a very cheaply made car.

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Review Date: 5th April, 2011

5th Apr 2011, 13:46

Please read your annual consumers report auto issue that comes out every April, before you buy any vehicle out there, new or used. It will give you the good and bad of a lot of cars made. Also read this site for an insight of cars made and what years might have had more problems than others.

That car is made by Daewoo corp... a subsidiary of General Motors in South Korea. That company has had some problems with a percentage of the cars they make. You must have got a bad one.

5th Apr 2011, 20:57

Very true. People really need to research cars before they buy. I feel for anyone who got stuck with a lemon. It was a very foolish move for Suzuki to sell the Forenza as its own. It did nothing but give them a black eye in the eyes of consumers and auto reliability rankings. Real Suzukis, made in Japan, are actually very good cars.

6th Apr 2011, 04:10

Wow, a foreign car getting bashed on this website! This is a first. ;)

6th Apr 2011, 20:11

It's not so much foreign cars getting bashed, it's Daewoo cars getting bashed. That is not surprising.

2007 Suzuki Forenza from North America


Don't buy! Run from it!


Suzuki? Enough said! Piece of junk.

General Comments:

For starters, there are many things wrong with the car.

The struts started leaking at about 80 thousand miles.

In order to turn the car completely off, you need to hold the gear shifter into park while turning it off.

All door handles fall off about one month after I purchased it.

Transmission chip had needed to be replaced, transmission sometimes jumps around.

Paint is starting to chip off and exposed a yellow undercoat. I am not sure why the paint is chipping since the car is stored in our garage when it is not in use.

I really wish someone would steal it and total it. Like I told Suzuki Corp, we have had more issues with this car than we have had with our 1997 Ford Truck that was purchased brand new and has 237,000 miles on. Have never had to replace a transmission chip, struts, transmission, nothing. Just needed an oil change, tune up and new tires from time to time.

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Review Date: 27th November, 2009

27th Nov 2009, 13:45

"I really wish someone would steal it and total it."

- I know how you feel... I've been there. Just leave the keys in the piece of garbage in a heavily trafficked area & I'm sure that the friendly local car thief will be glad to help you out.

27th Nov 2009, 14:22

What did you expect from a Japanese car company? Just look what's happening to the new Toyotas and Hondas. You should have bought the top-rated Ford Focus.

2007 Suzuki Forenza 2.0 from North America


Perfect blend of power, thrift, and utility for the money


Ran over rock when avoiding deer, and suspect it affected the alignment at about 10,000 miles, as I just noticed uneven tire wear on right front and had four wheel alignment completed at 21,300 miles. This is the only maintenance to date other than oil changes I've done myself every 3,000 miles...

General Comments:

Great power to weight ratio, in normal range, really quick in power range.

Relatively large travel and soft suspension.

Spacious cabin, and the ergonomics are very comfortable, outstanding for this class, and a real buy compared to others in its class.

I bought this from Car Max August 2008, after calling Suzuki who verified the dealer had used it as demo, sold at auction to Carmax in July 08, and that warranty would be 9 years 11 months and remainder of 100,000 warranty, i.e. It was as close as I could get to brand new for steep discount compared to other makes or models, new or used.

Routinely obtain 29.5 mpg in mixed highway and city driving, approx 33 mpg when driving 65 mph on highway for trip.

This is lighter car than the 2001 Saturn L200 we have with its 185,000 miles, and therefore is subject to some crosswind movement on highway if the wind gusts or a transfer truck speeds by...

The content and operation of power mirrors, locks, windows, and superb stereo system are real joy to use. Touch and operation is light and crisp to all switches.

The headlights, daytime running, low beam and high beam, are fantastic.

This is best purchase I've made in my life. My wife borrows it every chance she gets when she wishes to visit relatives about 250 miles away.

Can't say enough good things about it...

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Review Date: 20th November, 2009

23rd Nov 2011, 11:25

11/23/2011, Update (I'm the original writer). The car is now at 60,000 miles. Replaced all four original tires at 40,000 miles. The car still gets 29.0 mpg city/highway, and about 32.0 when highway running steady at 65 mph or so.

No maintenance issues to report, brake pads show modest wear. When I rotated the wheels last week, they looked like they should make it to 100,000 miles or so before replacement is required. Both my wife and I are gentle and maximize mileage. It's been a real gem so far...