22nd Jul 2013, 11:31

88,500 miles update.

Recently had the check engine light; changed out plugs / wires, which helped, but still had the check engine light.

Autozone read the trouble code for free, then since it seemed to indicate either throttle position sensor, gas cap seal, or maybe an issue with wiring, I simply tightened the gas cap a couple of clicks rather than just gently snugging it down. Voila, check engine light cured.

Can't say enough good about this car. It's still pulling down 28 or 29 MPG combined city / highway, and right at 30+ on steady highway runs...

3rd Apr 2015, 15:03

I'm the original owner.

Update as of 4/3/2015.

Around 100,000 miles the airbag warning light and check engine lights came on. A local mechanic looked everything over, read the codes and recommended a laundry list of things to replace, and maybe he could then resolve the issues. Went to a second mechanic; he suggested replacing the gas cap, which didn't help, but I found if I used ethanol free gas, the check engine light went out; I suspect the injectors need replacement. I went to several places about the seat belt light, and they said it may be the seat tensioner / retractor, maybe a control module, maybe replace the seats with integral wiring...

Well long story short, rather than spend a substantial amount of time and money trying to resolve the issue, I decided to buy a gently used vehicle and traded this one in to Carmax at 111,000. With both the check engine light and airbag warning light issues, they gave me 1,500$ trade in, and I felt good, as during my years of ownership, I'd only bought tires, gas, windshield wipers, and plugs / filters (air / oil). Up until the day I sold it, only minimal money was needed to maintain it...