12th Feb 2010, 12:53

Guys! I love the Liana. Who says that it does not move speedily?

Just change your gear when the revs are touching 6000 RPM, boom! Launches and I touched 200KM/h on my RXI, 0-100 in 10 seconds, it's a nice car.

I agree with the 3rd class materials used, but it's a good car and Mr. Latif LXI is the best version :)

Just check its speaker bass, man it's like a woofer.

Thanks all, bye, TC :)

13th Feb 2010, 12:40

Salam people!

I have read all the comments, Liana is good, it's more electronic than any model of city, now-a-days if your vehicle is with electronic features then it rules, so I have found Liana with more electronic features, even RXI is very well designed and very nice car with electronic features.

If you guys say that it's pick is not good, then improve your driving style. I have both Liana's, RXI and LXI, both are cool, just loved the audio system. In abroad its name is Aerio, go and check it on the Internet Youtube, it even beats the Civic (ex) and Corolla 2010. I have covered my whole meter upto 200 km/h, and now the 2010 model has excellent back lights.

Keep it up SUZUKI!!

Audio system rocks full BASS!!!

13th Feb 2010, 12:47

Who says that Liana is not perfect for show-off? :-/

I have a modded Liana Eminent, full Orion bumpers, rear spoiler, pink HID's, green fog HID's, remote start system, Rocket exhaust at the back, carbon fibre bonut, alloy rims with spinners, and of-course scissor doors. It drifts perfectly. And the matter of its pick-up is that it has an exhaust filter in its exhaust pipe, just remove it and then see!

It beats the Mitsubishi Lancer yaar! It rocks!!!

I have removed it and it goes 0-100 in 6 seconds, believe it; I've got videos to prove it.

20th Mar 2010, 16:24

A good car for its price, luxury, space and fuel consumption (CNG only). On long drives you tend to get fatigued due to its below average seats. Brakes are clumsy, don't try to over speed otherwise you may end up 3 feet below ground level.

I wish Suzuki had used the available space on the dash board like City or Civic. Any way, the Liana is cool for its features, not withstanding the short comings as stated earlier. Comparison with XLi or Civic is ridiculous. Obviously better than the City. Using it since 2007; no problems at all.

1st Apr 2010, 16:15

Hi there.

Could any one let me know that Liana 2008 model's average price? I agree that it's a nice car, even though I don't drive it, but this is also a fact that it has low market value.

I searched one Liana RXI silver 2008 model, seller is selling it last 800,000. Is his demand OK?

Liana users, please respond urgently, as I have to make decision in couple of days.

I also checked with one car mechanic, he suggested not to buy because of weak engine mechanicals, and there is some computer configuration, it is not up to mark.

Please guide me accordingly.

Thanks & regards,

2nd Jun 2010, 00:52

Hi all, I am using a LIANA RXI 2006 model.

I drove this car from Karachi till Islamabad and it was a perfect ride. Its performance with CNG FF is too good / economical. If you're using A/C with CNG, you'll feel a drop in pickup, but overall it remains OK.

As everybody has spoken already about the value of money and economy with luxury in the LIANA, I just want to draw your attention towards two technical problems you might face with the LIANA.

One is that CNG injector kit fitted at the top of engine is only available with Suzuki Motors and costs about 27000 rupees. Most of the time CNG pickup / performance problems is related to its replacement, which is quite expensive.

Secondly, if you have to do its engine tuning, you will find that engine tappets if stuck can be made good through inserting smaller size shims in the spacing. But that can be done 3-4 times only. If that is done, you have to open the engine head and replace the valves, which costs about 50000-60000 Rupees, which is also quite expensive.

So once you're buying any LIANA, I recommend that do carry out engine checks specifically with the status of tappets and shims.

Tyres; if using good ones like DUNLOP or YOKOHAMA, can increase brake performance, which is by in large very good.

The car has a spacious trunk along with compact CNG cylinders (FF), which is a great plus for a family car.

Inside the dash board it has a special switch for laptop inspection at Suzuki Motors workshop. Please do that prior buying a LIANA, it will tell the whole story about the car's technical health.

LIANA A/C is very good, and the interior is also beautiful.

For those who want a sedan at a low price with all high tech performances in one car, the LIANA is the choice. That's why we are seeing more and more LIANAs on road today as compared to its earlier status in 2007-9.

Interestingly, yesterday I went to a CNG station, and out of 10 cars at CNG station, 4 were LIANA models, that shows the space this car is now occupying in market. Price of LIANA has also increased like good 2006 RXI is now available I Karachi for around 7 to 7.15 lacs, and in Islamabad it is around 8 now. Remember, cheaper the price of car you get, there will be some problems with car accident etc.

At last to sum up, the LIANA is a good choice for smart people with intentions to enjoy a good ride, rather than wasting money on showing off.

19th Jun 2010, 02:43

Dear all.

Finally, I have bought LIANA 2008 (color = B. B Pearl) color in FEB, 2010.

The car is excellent in drive and acceleration, and gives good mileage in the city and on long drives i.e Lahore to Islamabad. And to this date, I am satisfied. It's a good car if properly maintained.

It's really good value for money, and a good family car.

Well yes the market value of the LIANA is increasing day by day. So owner's of LIANAs do not have to worry about the market value; it will pay off one day.

Can anyone tell me if there is special car polish for black color on the market, and what price?.



10th Jul 2010, 06:12

Hey guys, I have a Liana 2006, and I have some serious problems with it.

1. The steering shakes after reaching 80.

2. When the car is still, the revs drop on CNG, and the engine was just about to shut down, so please tell me, is it a manufacturing problem? I just bought it a week ago.

And I need one more suggestion about when I should shift the gears; after reaching 7000 revs or 6000? Please reply.

11th Aug 2010, 07:51

Salam friends... I have a Liana RXi, & I bought it in 2006 and still I have it. It's a 2006 model. I'm satisfied with this car, because it has all the properties of a good car. Internally it is well designed. It's a luxury car. If you want to compare this car with the City, XLi or with any car of the same class, the Liana is on top. It has a good engine and it is economical. I suggest all people who are looking for a car, buy a Liana.