28th Sep 2006, 15:28

Suzuki Liana Rxi is the best car ever.

10th Oct 2006, 01:18

No man!!! Liana is a really good car, but I agree with you that Suzuki is still a child in the field of making luxury cars, so they sometimes make silly mistakes like deliver the cars without inspecting properly and using 3rd class quality materials etc. However, when talking of the Liana, I would like to say that it gives the best value for your money among the recent cars.

25th Apr 2007, 11:30

I think the Suzuki Liana has good specifications for a low price.. Cars like the Corolla are more luxurious; the cabin is wider than a Liana.. Toyota is more costly than a Liana, but it is of the best quality material, and the company name or the label is considered to be a high standard.. similarly Honda gives a pretty look to its cars, as well as latest technology like the Corolla.. no doubt these 2 companies produce more costly products than Suzuki, but the price is not all things... Suzuki should give wider size of Liana like Toyota. The other specifications are appreciable which attract people.. the only deficiency is the small size.. people may say that the City is also smaller.. my answer for that is the City should also be bigger in size.. see the other companies like Mitsubishi & Nissan are also bigger in size. They have more capacity than the Liana & City.. So if Suzuki increases the size + quality of materials, + lowers the height of the car, it will be more luxurious car, and people will surely be more attracted towards the Liana.


25th Apr 2007, 14:16


Comparing LIANA vs City.

1) Liana LXi CNG is Most Economical in 1.3L range available in pakistan.

2) Liana has all the those features which one won't find in city like ABS, MP3 player, Key Less Entry, Fog lamps, Alloy Wheels.

3) City has an advantage over petrol consumption.

Well I do wish to know any sort of problems when one first drives his LIANA or CITY.

I've heard the there are couple of factory fitting/mechanical related problem. Please someone do comment about this.



13th Jul 2007, 03:25

Well I prefer the XLi over Liana and City because not only is it beautiful, but also reliable, although it has got problems with the brakes, but that can be removed by changing the tyres to 15".

Now what I see about Liana that is bad is its poor quality material, A few days ago, I saw a Liana crashed into a Mehran Alto; the Alto was the least damaged, and the Liana was just destroyed and was like garbage.

The City is good because its brakes are fine and it's more comfortable than Liana and Xli, but Xli beats all the cars of its league in speeding, pick, reliability, fuel economy and so much more. Drive an XLi yourself and you will find how.

15th Jul 2007, 06:53

If you want to pay that much for a car and give your arm muscles a workout every time you wish to turn your windows down, go ahead, buy a corolla xli. Xli is weak because it doesn't have power windows or power locks. Plus I think it's a little heavy, not as smooth as any Honda.

23rd Sep 2007, 09:57

According to a US crash test (eq. EU NCAP) the Liana 2003 is better rated than the 2003 Toyota Corolla. So what you saw in the accident was just how the cars body is made to withstand the force of hitting a object: It doesn't! Instead its break up in pices so that the passengers don't get hit so hard.

5th Oct 2007, 07:06

Maybe X got a bad one. Pak Suzuki would do well to check their cars carefully before marketing them. We also had some scraping noises and steering problems with a new Mehran some years ago. With the Liana we had some minor trouble with an oil seal in the beginning, but since then it has run without incident for over a year. However, among Pakistani cars I think Honda takes top position on all counts, especially the Civic. The new one is a humdinger, but awfully expensive.

19th Oct 2007, 21:26

As an aero-mechanical Engineer I'll appreciate the design of Liana 2007 Pakistan, but deny the base of its fabrication. The average of special welded spots of frame, body and suspension area are at minimal level whereas Xli and City get more and press and spot weld i.e more safe for future. Consequently it will no longer bear the road atmosphere like Pakistan. Jolts will result sounds and damage to parts.


Southall, London UK.

11th Jan 2008, 00:35

I purchased a Liana three months back, it's a nice car I am quite satisfy, but the problem came when I drove it in rain, the rear foot place filled with water, just because of very minor ignorance, the two rubber washer were not fitted.

Now the whole carpet is destroyed and having a bad smell, although I have a new car.

So please take care of these small, but very important points.

Khalid Masoud

Lahore Cantt.

1st May 2008, 22:11

Liana have better features then any other car in pakistan. i bought liana in 2006.i have no problem since so far. it has advanced CNG kit with injectors which make it economical. it has good pick on CNG. it has two cylinders of CNG.

19th Jul 2008, 09:21

Recently, a detailed market survey was conducted by me prior to finalizing my decision to buy a 1300cc sedan car. In fact, Suzuki Liana RXI-CNG is the only reliable car which has factory-fitted 'CNG', and if you compare this car with the price level of Corolla and Honda, then I am sure you will find it as most economical. The Liana interior and exterior are also attractive and good-looking. As a continuous improvement, recently Pakistan Suzuki Motor Company has extended the Liana warranty to 2 years (from 1 year) and 40,000km (from 20,000km). This car is ideal for those whom want economical maintenance and fuel costs. Wow! Three free services and free oil changes after every 5000km, up to 15000km; this means three times are free. I strongly recommend this car to you, Buddy. Good luck.

Hasham Khan.

12th Oct 2008, 11:19

Hey guys, I am no Suzuki employee, but for sure I'm a big fan of the Liana.

I had 2006 Liana LXi (ABS brakes), no CNG so loved that car from day one on patrol.

Never had problems in hilly areas, even took that car to Kalar Kahar, Naraan Kagan without a problem.

Belirve it or not, that car use to hit 190 KM/S, (got videos to prove it) and got countless tickets on the motorway (FSD to Islamabad), but no one could ever catch that car.


21st Feb 2009, 03:44

Liana's OK, not very exciting, but a good all-rounder. As a family car it is well designed and built, but quality control could be better. Suzuki company's back-up services are a bit deficient. I am happy with my 2006 Liana, which does long runs very well -- plus a lot of city running without ruining me. Can recommend this car for ordinary folk who don't want to show off.

11th Jan 2010, 23:25

Dear all.

Well I am also looking to purchase a Liana for my family use. And I will be using this car for the next five years..

My questions are :

1. What will be value of Liana at end of five years from now 2015?

2. And what model within Liana is better; RXI or LXI?

Well I have seen all the comments.. well some what satisfied.. and determined to buy a LIANA as it's a good car if we talk value for money.