11th Feb 2007, 07:48

Suzuki Mehran is very good for us. It has a good resale value.

18th Feb 2007, 10:54

Mehran is the most bad bad car, Don't buy that it requires more on maintenance than its price.

2nd Mar 2007, 18:55

Only option for low income in Pakistan

It is economical on fuel and CNG. 20 Km/Liter on fuel and 26 Km/ Kg. on CNG.

Its top speed is 140 but you can’t drive over 130. I found in most economical at 80 Km/ Hour. Unsafe to drive over 100 Speed. Road grip is not satisfactory.

As compared to its price body works is not up to standards. Dash board is of old style and cause of roar while driving on a jumpy road. No safety measures have been taken to safe passengers in either sides.

The only plus point is its low fuel consumption, parts availability and resale in Pakistan.

I think Suzuki Motors will never try to upgrade this brand until people stop to purchase this low quality and high priced car. I am sure people will never like to purchase it when another good car like Santro or Chevorlet lower their prices. M. Azhar 0345-860-0345.

1st Sep 2007, 01:24

As compaired to its price It is very Costly. its body sheet is very Poor. when its AC is on it cause problem on gas, no pick and heat early on low gear. I think its price is 250000 only for VXR.

6th Nov 2007, 02:21

Expensive when compared with the price tag it carries, its interior is pathetic, body sheets are weak, almost no shocks and its not comfortable at all, only thing that is a plus point is its mileage. However this really depends on how you drive, its is for sure not the right car for hard drivers, performance is terrible on CNG are compared with Petrol, it has poor road grip and is very prone to have play in all the its parts especially dash board and rear. Parts are not so expensive and easily available. Suitable for low income families due to easy maintainace.

31st May 2008, 10:19

Hi, my name is Qaiser. I purchased a mehran model 2007 in DEC 2007. It is a good economical car, but I am still facing a problem, which is already mentioned by another purchaser in this comments part. There is some cracking sounds coming from back side. Other wise I have no problems with this car.

7th Aug 2008, 10:27

My name is Usman Malik. I purchased a Mehran VX in July 2007. It's very economical in fuel and maintenance.

I bought this car at price of 345000 and pay 10000 as tariff, and spent almost 50000 more on car for ac, registration, CD player etc.

Till now, I only changed the oil every 2500km and nothing else. I drive the car on GT road at 90 km per hour because its road grip is not so good.

Its spare parts are very cheap, but price of this car I think is so high; it should be at most 300000 for a VXR.

26th Dec 2008, 05:59

Hi. This is Adeel and I am just going to buy Mehran 2006 model. I have gone through all comments and I guess I should buy this car because I can't afford the luxurious one.

Its economical in terms of parts, maintenance and mileage. I will definitely enter my comments after 6 month of use. can someone guide me about the market value of Mehan AC/CNG 2006?

19th Feb 2009, 05:07

My name is Maqbool Raza. I bought a Mehran car model 1990 in September 2005. I drive my car on petrol.

The plus point of this car is its resale value, and its parts are easily available in the market. The middle class can easily afford a Mehran.

Maintenance is the essential element in any car to fit and drive smoothly and comfortably.


30th Jan 2010, 20:58

Hi, My name is Tariq. I have bought a second hand Mehran model 2003. It's an amazing car for its price. If it is well tuned, its pickup is good. I got its waterbody changed for Rs 2000. Second hand good tyres for Rs 7,000. Its repairs are not costly as compared to other vehicles.

While buying a second hand vehicles, one must be careful. There are a lot of people who will sell you the car whose engine is in very bad shape, but while selling they will take temporary measures, which makes the engine good for some days. When you buy it, you realise that you have been tricked and its engine requires a complete overhaul.

25th Nov 2011, 08:41

So true.

By a driver of a Suzuki Mehran since 2005 :-)

14th Sep 2014, 19:12

Thanks Mr. Azhar. I agree with your comments.

5th Mar 2017, 18:15

Hi, I'm Adnan. I purchased a Mehran 2003 and its mileage on petrol is 10 km/liter in city areas. I haven't driven on the highway still. I'm worried this mileage is very low. I have a CNG kit and cylinder; what will be my mileage if I use that? Please suggest to me how to drive in an economical way. I'm new with driving... waiting for a kind reply.