7th Jan 2015, 15:10

You hold Jeeps in way too high an opinion. Get a Toyota or a better equipped vehicle. I love off roading, and I would never buy a Jeep for this purpose.

27th Jan 2016, 22:27

LOL, I know from experience it's the opposite buddy!!!

16th May 2016, 23:56

I bought a 1988 Suzuki Samurai brand new. I kept it for 11 years and didn't have to put a dime into it other than tires and mufflers. I did replace the timing belt, but that was preventive maintenance. If I had to do it all over again I'd still buy one, although I'd get a tin top instead of the soft top. One of the best vehicles I've ever owned. I just bought a 2016 Nissan Frontier. I hope I get the same lifetime out of it.

1st Jun 2016, 08:38

I have owned 6 Jeeps, from the first V-8 made in 1972, and many others as well.

I can emphatically explain that the Jeep does not match the Suzuki

for off-road ability. Not once sir: but at least a dozen times I have out-climbed Jeeps easily. I was embarrassed by one when I owned a Jeep.

The lighter weight and narrow wheel track make it an extremely versatile and able 4x4. Not to mention, I used to install 1000s of extra into my Jeeps. The Sidekick gets the job done on 1/3 the cost of upgrades... and usually can be repaired in the field. My Jeep almost never.

I have driven Jeeps since 1960 and owned 6 as I stated. It was PROVEN to me that the small... cheap Sidekick was easier to drive and superior. I now own two happily.

22nd Nov 2016, 22:29

I couldn't agree more, I owned a Samurai 1988 and a Sidekick 1994, drove each of them for over 10 years with no problems, basic maintenance... I've passed trucks (including Toyotas) and Jeeps stuck in mud, rivers, ditches... yeah, they definitely don't have the power big 4x4s do, but they have the perfect combination of torque, weight and size to perform at a very low cost... wouldn't go otherwise... Samurais are legends!!

24th Nov 2016, 03:44

Isn't this the vehicle that flips quite easily? Pretty sure I saw this point brought out in car reviews.

13th Dec 2016, 23:49

To the guy that said they were legends; I agree.

To the person who asked if they flipped over easily... I don't know... mine never seemed to want to flip in all the 6 years I commuted in it (including highway, sand dunes, blizzards and so forth).

27th Jul 2017, 18:19

...Suzuki sued Consumer Reports over that claim, and they settled out of court, agreeing to disagree. If you drive it like a sports car, it might roll over. That is a design choice that you can't easily get around with a short and narrow wheelbase and a relatively high centre of gravity. That is the reason that American Motors stopped making the CJ-5, too -- but making a dedicated off-road vehicle wider and lower makes it less capable of what it is designed to do. Fine if you are showing off on sand dunes, less so if you are trying to negotiate old prospecting roads in the mountains.

1st Oct 2017, 16:39

I've owned my 88 1/2 for over 14 years and also 3 other 4x4s, and to me the Samurai is the most fun, reliable 4x4 I've ever owned. I love driving by "Bloated Jeeps" that you see a dime a dozen. It's more fun to go against the grain. Suzuki Samurai!!

18th Oct 2017, 22:42

A Suzuki Samurai with the right crawler set up will go more places than a Jeep, sorry to say. I have owned four.

25th Oct 2017, 02:05

Definitely the most fun!!

5th Jun 2018, 21:39

I have a Suzuki Samurai SJ80. I love it, but I am looking for some parts; can I get some help?