21st Sep 2010, 21:41

I've had three Suzuki Swifts and from the start was amazed at what outstanding value these cars are.

My latest was acquired for less than 1000 dollars, and came chipped, rebuilt and modded.

I have owned Datsun 260Zs and my sons are dismayed to hear that the little GTI I now own will easily out perform the Zs.

In 1989 it was almost as quick as a normally aspirated Mazda RX7! That is fact.

My son owns a Rx7 that he has spent 25 odd thousand dollars on. I have spent, everything included around 2000, including repairs, registration and specialist mechanics.

I think that represents great value and stacks of fun.

I personally don't like modern high tech cars that you can't fiddle yourself with. For those who want hands on mods as an option the GTI is great. And it turns more heads than either of my Zs.

18th Feb 2011, 17:42

I have read several of the comments, and a lot have made me laugh; comparing a standard little 1.3 GTi Swift to 2.0L turbo cars is a joke! My first car was a Swift, and I loved it. Best car I have owned, and would still have another. Yes they rust, and yes they drop gears after 100k, but they're cheap, fun and pretty, and they're addictive, so all these people complaining about them, go for a ride or a drive, and see how wrong you are!

17th Apr 2011, 17:15

I also own a Swift GTI and ever since I've got it,

I don't want to get rid of it. It is one of the quickest 1.3s.

I have been in mods are:

Stage 2 air filter.

4 branch manifold.

Stage 2 rally chip.

Magnicore HT lead.

Full stainless steel exhaust.

Bigger fuel rail.

Oversize injectors.

It goes like a rocket. I eat my mates 290 BHP Audi A3 on a 1/4 mile!

6th Nov 2011, 03:23

Totally disagree with your comments on the GTi; it's the other way around; the GTi with turbo worked would blow the doors off the Rexi.

8th Nov 2011, 10:03

I can personally agree with the fact that these cars are not the world's greatest invention, however it has served its purpose for what it was intended.

I have also had my 1993 Swift GTi on Jamaican roads, and as it was already stated, Jamaican roads are rough. I have also beaten stock turbo Starlets, neck and neck with a 1994 Toyota Levin (160 hp), 1991 Integra XSi (b16 DOHC VTEC 160), he however eased me off when he was clearing his 3rd gear going into 4th.

Before I migrated, I got a Genie header (thermal wrapped), exhaust, chip (Ross Mackenzie Motor Sports in Australia), and a stage 1 clutch. Believe it or not, I got a few horsepower freed up, not gained. That was enough to beat my rivals; not destroying them with bus lengths, but by 1.5 cars, which was enough considering the very basic mods, when before I could only hang with them.

Years after, I still think about my little GTi. I now own a 1996 Integra GSR/SiR-G, which is a good car, but I cannot forget my Swift; it paved the way for my love of cars.

21st Nov 2011, 19:32

You have to actually own a Suzuki Swift GTi to appreciate that it is a beast of a car for a 1.3 litre engine, and will kick the backside of anything similar at the lights. What 1.3 litre engine will spin the wheels hard out in second gear just from acceleration??

21st Nov 2011, 19:44

I have a 1990 Swift GTi, added a Cultus intake, bigger injectors, headers from Aussie and 11.5:1 ratio pistons. Biggest problem is traction, as I now wheel spin in second gear just from acceleration.

For a 1.3 litre engine that revs like a motorbike, has more grunt than a Honda VTEC and looks like a Nana car, the grin factor is great at the lights. Currently 130hp in a 800 kg body, and it owes me $1800.

18th Jan 2012, 00:06

Do you know that Suzuki makes the fastest motor cycle, the Hayabusa? 0-60 in a blistering 2.6 seconds! No wonder the GTI red lines @ 8000rpm!

The Suzuki GTI is perhaps the cheapest pocket rocket ever! It's as bare as you can get for a base model car. It's not the best or fastest when comparing to more expensive and turbo charged cars, but add all those amenities (turbo, etc) and no WRX beats it in the 0-60 region. It will be beaten in the 1/4 mile and at top speed, but for a car costing 1/4 the price of a WRX, what's your point? It's like comparing a Nissan Skyline GT to a Bugatti Veyron. The Skyline is fast, but just not as powerful as the Bugatti Veyron. Yet a Bugatti costs US $1,000,000, while a Skyline is US $50,000 max!

2nd Feb 2012, 09:28

Ha ha!

There are lots of piston engined cars that can out perform the Swift GTi.

BUT, they are ALL bigger than 1.3L, and much more expensive.

Further, at least 2 of the following are true:

1. Turbocharged.

2. Much younger, 2002 or later.

3. AWD.

4. They are non production e.g. rally cars.

Can anyone name a 1.3L normally aspirated, piston engined, inexpensive production car from the mid 90s that can out perform the Swift GTi?

The detractors of the GTi are like those who hail the Veyron (or whatever else) as the greatest since it can beat the McLaren F1. Alas, it is the McLaren (a normally aspirated 16 year old, 600hp 6L engined car) that is great, because it takes a Veyron, a much more expensive car with a quad turbo 8L, 1000hp engine to beat it.

The GTi is easily the greatest IN ITS CLASS, owing to the fact that it takes cars several classes above it, and several times more expensive, to outperform it.

So, if you WRX, EVO, Integra, Skyline and Altezza hypers want to compare / have a fair fight, bring out your respective Justy, Colt, Civic, March and Starlet hatchbacks in their best bone stock, normally aspirated 1.3L, 1990s trim, and see who comes out on top.

28th May 2012, 16:19

I have a Swift GLS 1.3, and it shifts.