21st Aug 2009, 11:28

I think we've virtually given up on the noise! The air filter housing has also been renewed as the old one vibrated, but this hasn't cured the underlying resonance at 2k-2.5k rpm.

Dealer still very supportive and the service manager will be comparing mine with the next automatic they have in. Meanwhile I'll put up with it - there are far worse problems one could have.

Other than that, there's just minor damage (done by me) for Chipsaway to sort out. In the process I've discovered that odd pieces of exterior trim are cheaper than I thought.

21st Sep 2009, 10:52

Very odd - the noise has abated somewhat all by itself! Not complaining, though. Will see how it goes...

Otherwise all good. Nice to drive, economical (40mpg whatever the usage), comfortable etc. Nothing to add or subtract to my original review.

11th Dec 2009, 07:05

Coming up to 9k service and still very pleased with it.

Economy dropped off a bit in a 600 mile short break around the Peak District (Derbys) - 36mpg overall - but when you're crawling up and down mountain roads that's not surprising!

Noise-wise, the resonance still seems to have abated. I don't really notice it much, whereas it used to be all I heard!

Love driving it and still a very satisfied customer.

18th Feb 2010, 14:01

I have the same noise vibration at 2500 rpm. Contact 07920113861.

4th Apr 2010, 09:51

To the last poster - why?! If you've found a cure, let us all know about it. If not, rest easy in the knowledge that no-one else has either.

Although out of interest, I see the latest SX4 claims to have addressed NVH issues. Certainly the 1.6 petrol engine is now producing 20bhp more for no claimed fuel penalty, so some re-jigging must have been done.

There are also little improvements like padding the armrests (have they been reading my review?!), also the climate control looks less fiddly. Can't say I use the latter much, but I still have high praise for the heating/ventilation in general.

So the 2010 SX4 should be worth buying over old stocks of the 2009 model. I'm still very pleased with mine, though. Nothing new to report, and the resonance still hasn't returned to any extent.

14th Jun 2010, 12:18

Interesting, but if you look at my 21/8/09 post you'll see that the air cleaner housing was replaced. Agreed it did vibrate, but it wasn't the noise I've reported.

But as I've said, it seems to have largely gone away by itself, leaving me more puzzled than I was before! Either that or I've gone deaf!

Whatever, 15 months on and I still like it a lot. Have taken a lot of short UK breaks 150-250 miles away. No problems to report and the good points continue to please.

10th Sep 2010, 12:05

Am now coming up to 18k with this car, and still nothing to report! No faults, no repairs apart from a windscreen and a bit of work from Chipsaway due to my carelessness.

Rear tyres aren't significantly worn, fronts should be OK for another 5k at the very least (and I don't run them down to the legal limit). Considering the superb handling and all the twisty roads I've used around the more picturesque parts of the UK, I'm very pleased with tyre wear.

When I do change the fronts, I'll be trying for something quieter if possible, as one can't deny there is road noise. If anyone has any suggestions...?

Economy remains around 40mpg. From what I read, this seems better than the automatic Note, and I've no complaints.

The reported NVH issues remain in the background, but I have to admit that this isn't the smoothest engine in the world. Looks like the 2010 facelift may have cured this - be good to see a review...

16th Oct 2010, 11:39

18k service just done - £246. Seems a bit much for a budget brand, but I suppose it keeps the warranty bulletproof. No problems, but front pads MAY need changing at 27k. Pretty good for an auto where one tends to use the brakes more. Apparently the 27k service will cost about the same.

3rd May 2011, 12:18

Now done 24k.

Just had 2 new front tyres - original Continentals are £95 each, but my local friendly depot recommended Nexen at £60 each. These are much quieter on the road and I'd recommend them also. I fancy they're softer rubber so probably won't last as well, but the noise benefits are worthwhile. They also make the car a little less chuckable, I think, but I don't drive like that so I'm perfectly happy with them.

Otherwise nothing to report - after 2 years I still enjoy driving it and it hasn't missed a beat!

1st Aug 2011, 12:28

Just had 27k service (£240). Really - why do we all put up with main dealers? Take it in with a full-to-the-brim washer bottle and they charge you a few quid for washer fluid!!! Point it out and they tell you that they've flushed the washer bottle out and replaced the fluid. Absolute BS. My washer fluid normally stinks horrible - and it still does! And why would anyone throw away a full washer bottle full? It's obviously a very minor part of £240, but why, oh why, do they have to con you? It's a pity motor dealers can't shake off the habits of old.

Otherwise, the car's still good. The Nexen tyres (all round) are definitely quieter than the Continentals. Average fuel consumption is 41mpg after my latest 600 mile trip - very good.

Nothing negative to report!

19th Dec 2011, 12:07

Latest from original poster:

Very boring! Still hasn't missed a beat, now done 31k and approaching 3 years old.

A set of tyres and pair of wiper blades are the only non-service items bought.

Getting 39-40mpg in commuting conditions (12 miles of country & town), more than quoted by Suzuki. I've found with every Suzuki I've had, that they're all good on fuel - unusual, but good!

I'll be looking to replace with something that has a softer ride, bigger boot, and less engine noise. An ix20 could be the one, but Hyundai's economy isn't great in my experience. If it doesn't ride as well as the journo's say, I'll probably keep the SX4 for another year. I do still like it...!

23rd Jan 2012, 10:28

Well, it's going! Drove a Hyundai ix20, and with the exception of the SX4's excellent heating & ventilation - the ix20 beats it in quietness, ride quality, and boot (and general) space.

Having said all that, I've much enjoyed 32k miles with the SX4. It hasn't missed a beat and has been comfortable and economical (for a 1.6 auto). Have only replaced the tyres once.

As the facelifted SX4 has allegedly been improved re noise, vibration and harshness, I would say it's a great car for the money. But if you don't expect it to be whisper quiet, anyone buying my one will be happy!

2nd Feb 2012, 08:20

Wow, thanks for that review, 3 years in total.

I am looking at getting a SX4, so your input over 3 years has me more than convinced.

I also test drove a Jazz, Modus, Swift, Meriva, Note, C3, Ignis, and to be honest, they all had pluses and minuses...

The SX4 has small boot space compared to Jazz. But is great to drive.

I found Jazz rather bland to drive. But it has great space when needed.

The Modus is comfy inside, but it's a Renault, what is going to happen with electrics down the road?

The Meriva, again, great space when the seats are folded, but I think its design is a bit dated now.

The Swift is a beautiful drive, but the small boot is a kicker here.

The Note is probably everything wrapped up in what I want, but at a 1000 extra, I can't afford it.

The Ignis drove OK, but the model I was driving was in bad shape, and it would not have been worth buying it 2nd hand.

All the cars I looked at were 2nd hand BTW.

5th Feb 2012, 12:15

Thanks for the input!

If you can stretch to the last face-lifted model with the more powerful 1.6 petrol, I reckon it'd be a better car. They say they've worked on noise, vibration and harshness - if true, a definite plus! Of, course, you may be looking at the diesel - I have no experience of them...

True, the boot doesn't compare to the Jazz, but it's not much smaller than the Note when its seats are right back. And because it's quite tall, you can actually get a fair bit more in it than you think.

As you say, it's a great drive, and I've found it very comfortable. Happy hunting!

20th Apr 2012, 09:20

I have read all the comments, especially regarding shift lock, but still don't know what the button is for!