18th Feb 2011, 21:41

The car now has 4000 KM on it, and I'd never ever suggest anyone to buy this crap!

14L/100 KM

The smallest trunk you can imagine.

Extremely expensive (with $26000, I definitely could have bought extremely extremely better cars).

I took it back to the dealership, and they said it has no problem! Are you kidding me? This toy should consume 14L per 100 KM, and you've announced 7 L/100KM, and you tell me it doesn't have any problem! I will never ever go back to Suzuki. It's an extreme rip off.

Anytime that I drive this car and look at other cars, I just think, what the hell I was thinking when I bought this car!

If you need 4WD, buy an SUV (maybe you can find something that consumes less than 14L/100KM, something like Jeep Compass or Patriot) or anything else like Impreza, anything except this one.

If you need a small car that consumes less, never ever touch this car! Buy a Yaris or Matrix or Civic or whatever except this one.

This was the largest waste of money I'd ever had in my life, and the only car that I've ever had that I've not been happy with.

7th Mar 2011, 15:14

Are you the original poster?

10th Mar 2011, 12:51

There is something wrong with the fuel consumption you have mentioned here. I get on my SX4 AWD 8.6 ltr/100km and this is harsh Canadian winter with a lot of stop and go driving and highway driving.

Check your tire pressure... This can cause poor gas mileage.

21st Jun 2011, 13:36

Yes, I'm the original poster. Now the car has 12K on it. I've driven the car on many road trips. The tire pressure is as same as company announces. I tested the car on a flat high way with cruise control locked on 110K/hr; the fuel consumption with high octane gas (91) was 8.6 L/100KM, which was supposed to be 7 with low octane gas (84), but whatever. I'm really not happy when I drive this car, specially because of fuel consumption and the size of the trunk, which only is good for daily shopping and nothing more.

The other day I wanted to buy a Canoe, and when I showed the car to the canoe seller, and we measured the size of the car and canoe, he decided not to buy the canoe because of safety reasons (the car was too short to have a large canoe on the roof).

All and all, if you are an adventurist and traveler like me, it's not a good choice for you. If you like to spend your time in the city, why bothering consuming 9-10 liter/100 KM; you can simply buy a Toyota Yaris or Corolla for cheaper price and low fuel consumption.

31st Dec 2011, 11:30

It is true. My car's mileage is about 40km. It looks like the original poster. I tested my 2008 SX4 AWD a couple of times. I add 34.4 litres of gas, it only ran 245km. That means 14 litres / 100km. I also changed to a different gas company, all the same. I talked to my friends, they said a big truck consumes so much gas. Not your small tiny compact car, whatever in winter and city.

I called the dealership, they told me if no warning light is on, it is OK. They also told me that the car consumes more gas in winter.

27th Dec 2012, 09:28

Good AWD system, but as a winter car in snow, it has got limitations.

First, the heating isn't up to keeping all the windows clear.

Second, the rear boot handle freezes.

Also problems with ice on the inside of the rims, making the wheels become unbalanced.

Otherwise reliable; petrol, manual gearbox and 2011 model.

19th May 2013, 02:06

I'm the original poster again. Now the car has 57000km on it and I've wanted to sell it for the past 2 years, and every time decided not to. Why? Because I paid $28,500 including taxes to buy the car, and just a year later they wanted to buy it for $15K, and I thought what the hell, I'm going to keep it for another year. This year when I wanted to sell the car, which is around 2 and half years old, they would pay only $10K for it. So if I sell this car, I can't buy another car with its money.

So beside the fuel consumption, which now has settled on 10.5/100km (I just drive it on the highway now, and use my SUV to drive in the city because my SUV consumes only 10.8 in the city, while this piece of crap consumes between 12 to 14 in the city) and a very small trunk, you can add the huge financial loss on this car's negative points as well. And don't forget about the bad design, and the fact that you can literally hit a pedestrian if he/she comes from the left side because of the car's bad design.

By the way, my Venza's acceleration is much faster than this car, while its fuel consumption is much lower, and it has a bigger size and bigger engine.

In one word: DO NOT BUY AN SX4.

19th May 2013, 17:09

As of 2013 Suzuki has discontinued North American sales and abandoned the North American market completely.

No wonder, as none of their offerings in the last 5 years have been very desirable, nor have sold well.

Add quality and reliability problems, and you have a very poor car.

No wonder they are out of business.

This sounds like a horrible car, and I would recommend selling it before it devalues even more. Cut your losses while you still can.

By the way, that gas mileage is just atrocious, especially for a newer model. I have an 80's Crown Victoria, which is full size, V-8, ancient technology, and it still gets better gas mileage than this in the city, and much better on the highway.

13th Feb 2017, 14:37

Hardly, my Kizashi has been as good as one could ever hope. I accidentally put it in a ditch where the car was sitting close to 20 degrees laterally while the nose was below road level facing the other side of a ditch. I was sure she would not come out, but I turned on the AWD and steered into the road side of the ditch. I was certain the front was going to be destroyed. It made popping noises and slowly climbed the ditch onto the road and hasn't needed any repairs, and this was 30k miles ago.

18th Feb 2018, 00:30

The EPA sets the fuel economy estimates, not the manufacturer. And I don’t think you understand how a CVT works.