2005 Suzuki Verona LX from North America


Bad investment


This Verona has been issues since the very day we drove it from the car dealer's lot. From tire pressure to oil level extremely low, and the driver's side tire keeps rubbing on the side bumper.

I have had an oil leak somewhere and the dealership could never find the problem! I kept getting rejected state inspections after another. Finally I reviewed the error codes, state inspection kept failing for engine light, airbag, oil. It's been fixed. Surprise surprise the airbag light and seatbelt light is back on!!! I hate this car.

General Comments:

Stay away from Suzuki.

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Review Date: 12th February, 2017

12th Feb 2017, 23:00

There is nothing wrong with real Suzukis; in fact they are one of the most reliable makes ever to come from Japan. Your car is not a Suzuki. It is a rebadged Daewoo from South Korea.

12th Feb 2017, 23:06

"Stay away from Suzuki".

Many people were already doing that, hence Suzuki's decision around five years ago to stop selling vehicles in the US. The Verona was not even a "real" Suzuki, rather it was a rebadged Daewoo.

2005 Suzuki Verona EX 6 cylinder from North America


Not worth it


Wiring harness shorts (literally), transmission shifter cable, throttle body, EGR sticking.

General Comments:

Great idea and a fine car if it would have lived up to its promise. The results of a poor mix match of parts, makes the car very unreliable, and very hard to drive.

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Review Date: 6th October, 2012

2005 Suzuki Verona EX from North America


This car will literally kill me


I love the looks of this!

I don't understand the pop holder that is too small to fit anything in it. I'm not used to pushing up on the windshield lever.

As of now, I HATE this car! I'm scared to pull out into traffic; have to leave enough room for me, because never know if it will die, how many times it will take to start up again, or, just hesitate. I've been honked at many times for not going. It's very SCARY. I want it gone, but can't sell it like this. I've brought it in numerous times, to be told it's my O2 sensors, but they can't pinpoint which one; I don't believe that.

My transmission shifts really hard, as in CLUNK, and sometimes won't shift into gear. While at a red light, the RPM will rise really high and THUMP, drops really low, then races up again, and it has felt like while the brakes were on, that the car jumps forward a little; scary!!

General Comments:

Terrible that no one has figured this problem out.

I did read somewhere that cutting a hole in firewall, because there are 2 catalytic converters next to the oil pan, helps

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Review Date: 18th September, 2012

19th Sep 2012, 22:05

Get rid of this deathtrap before it kills you!!!

1st Aug 2014, 05:37

I could have wrote this review myself! I dread having to drive my Verona anywhere! It is so stressful. You never know if the car is actually going to go or not. Getting thrown back in your seat when it finally does go isn't fun either. I hate this car with a passion.

2nd Aug 2014, 14:29

What's a "windshield lever"?

Why are you cutting a hole in the firewall?

Has this car "literally" killed you yet? If so, how?

2005 Suzuki Verona LX 3.5 from North America


This car is unreliable and not worth having


I have had my Verona for almost 2 years now. During which time I have had it in the shop at an authorized dealer numerous times. All with the following problems..

Stalling out while driving, parked.

While driving the car reduces speed without pressing the brake.

While driving the car speeds up without pressing the accelerator.

The RPM revs up and then decreases suddenly, while driving or even being parked.

I cannot use my A/C or heat because when I do the car will not stay on, it continuously stalls.

When the Verona is put into park, the RPMs go all the way to 5; sounds like the car is going to take off by itself.

While at a stop with my foot on the brake, my car suddenly jerks forward, I have to make sure there is enough space so as to not hit the person in front of me with the jerk.

I am constantly replacing tires.

The airbag lights stay on.

My clock never stays on; if I go over a bump in the road it may or may not come on or off.

The check engine light will be one for a day and go off, or it may stay on for weeks.

The car constantly sputters going down the road.

General Comments:

As you can tell from the above, I am not happy with this car. I am very disappointed that I have to pay a car payment on a vehicle that is so unreliable.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2009

18th Nov 2010, 10:35

I have a 2004 Verona that I bought brand new, it now has 92K miles on it.

It has been a great car over the years, but there have been some quirks. I do have to get a new battery every year because the car drains every battery somehow.

My check light engine has been on for more than a year now, but it hasn't affected anything until today. When I got in my car, the engine was revving in park. I thought somehow my floor mat had gotten over my gas pedal and was causing it to do so, but it wasn't. I put the car in reverse and when I got to the end of my community to pull into the road, the RPMs began dropping while I was accelerating. The car continued to rev on and off until I got to the dealership, which was about three miles away from my house.

They just called to say I need a new EGR pipe seal and mass air flow sensor, telling me I could drive the car but to be careful. I was told by Auto Zone that I need a mass air flow sensor, but I am not sure how the broken seal would cause the revving.