14th May 2009, 14:28

I bought a 2005 Suzuki Verona S in January 2006 from Carmax.

For about 90 days the car was perfect. 9600 miles on it at purchase and I liked the car.

Problems began mid 2006 (15,000 miles) and included stalling at stops, dying while driving down the road and revving up and then dying down while on highway. As much as 1500 RPMs difference 10 times a minute. And constant dash warning lights on all systems.

Service contract paid most claims. Repeat trips all through 2007, 2008. Bills running hundreds of dollars paid mostly by Service Contract, but time in shop was long.

Last trip in October 2008 had car in shop 2 whole months. Carmax provided loaner but would not trade out without $2500 difference.

As of today only the airbag light is on. Runs normal. I would trade the car in a minute if I did not care about next owner getting shafted.

25th Oct 2009, 23:21

I bought it new in 2005. And it now has 60 k on it. Wheel arm needed to be replaced and a couple of stalls on cold mornings (6-7 since 2005). And airbag light comes on. Other than that, everything has been good.

10th Jan 2011, 21:55

My 2005 Verona has been interesting. I got it used with 65K miles... The stalling problem was simply a broken burned up vacuum line on the back of the motor by the fire wall (line controls a flipper valve in the intake manifold). Replaced it and all is fine, it runs good. Otherwise I have given it 25 oil changes in a year (flushing the dirt out of the motor, like a mini overhaul) and it is now perfectly quiet and smooth no lifter noise. I can see where many mechanics would replace the transmission and other parts thinking the horrible slap stick running on the highway (an other places) was transmission related. Fix the model T part of every new car (vacuum leaks) and the high Tech will care for itself.

The airbag light is on and according to the owners manual it will be any time there is no one in the passenger set. Sure enough it is out when occupied. It now has 75 K on it and has become a real joy to run. It is QUICK for sure and the sound system is great.

PS. Use a zip tie to hold the hub caps on and expect the tire warning system to light up when you spin a tire on the snow. It will not go off until spring or perhaps on a highway run.