12th Mar 2008, 21:18

I also own a 2002 XL-7. I have had the AC compressor seize twice. After the second replacement, at a cost of $1600 both times, I read in the owner's manual that you must run the AC for at least one minute each month to keep the unit oiled. I do this, but I also have found that if I attempt to turn on the fan at highway speeds it squeals like the belt is going to break. I now keep the fan on at all times. Suzuki did issue a service bulletin on the ac compressor unit for the 2002 and maybe the 2003 models, but did not offer any financial reimbursement that I know of.

I also had a problem with the CD not ejecting and replaced the radio unit with a JVC which I love. However, I don't believe that this is isolated to the unit that Suzuki uses as I ran into similar stories on many other brands in my research on the Internet.

I previously had a Geo Tracker which is really a Suzuki and both of them will probably out live me. I think they are really sturdy with no major basic problems like every other car out there. I did a lot of research before I bought my XL7 and the defects reported for other cars is huge while the Suzuki is minimal.

14th Apr 2008, 10:32

I own an '02 XL7 and am having problems with the AC. The belt was screeching, I had it replaced. The air was not blowing cold, I had the compressor replaced, still won't cool. This is obviously a factory defect that needs to be recalled to have fixed. Why should we have to fork over $1500 and up. I paid $24,000 for mine and would love to sell it. The automatic door opener went out twice. The cabin has so much noise. The brake pads don't last longer than about 3 months. I had a Saturn and I neglected it, it still was a better car with no problems. I take care of this one and have nothing but problems.

25th Apr 2008, 13:50

Amazing to read that so many folks have had the exact same problems with their 2002 XL7s. We bought our XL7 about 5 years ago with 50k miles and the gas door broke off soon after we bought it. Now the AC is broken and I am assuming that it is the compressor being siezed but will find out soon. Overall we really like the vehicle but a $1500 repair on a vehicle that isn't worth much over $5000 is bad news.

28th Apr 2008, 13:45

I have an 2002 as well and have about 100,000 miles on mine and no trouble at all with the AC. Although my gas door just broke off and the back door latch seized up and I could not get the door open. Both are fixed now and I have a handy friend that helped me repair each!

18th May 2008, 00:52

Interesting to see all these problems. I'm having the same problems with my a/c, it's gonna cost me $1700 to repair it. In the last 3 years I have spent more than $2800 on repairs for this vehicle. I'll never buy another Suzuki.

19th May 2008, 15:30

I own a 2002 XL7 Limited and my A/C has gone out TWICE once at around 30,000 and again at 85,000. They want to charge me 2300 to replace it... this is ridiculous.

26th May 2008, 01:51

I own a 2001 Suzuki XL-7. I had the same problem that everyone else has with the AC Compressor. My compressor locked up at 60,000 miles and snapped the belt as well. Fortunately for me I live in FT Worth, TX about 30 miles from Alvarado, TX. There is an AC compressor there that sells the compressor really cheap. I got my compressor for $300.00 dollars and installed it myself. The company also sells compressors on-line. Sorry I cannot recall the company name but I am sure you can easily find them with an Internet search. You can also purchase the ac compressors on-line thru eBay.

28th May 2008, 22:30

Today I bought a 2002 Suzuki XL7 for my daughter. Isn't there someone out there that has a favorable comment?

30th May 2008, 14:45

I am also owner of a 2001 XL7. My AC just went out also. It never quit cooling, but started making a horrible squealing noise. Took it to my mechanic and he said the thing was froze up, and the parts were very hard to get and said the whole thing would need to be replaced, and suggested I take it to the dealership. He said I could expect repairs to cost around $2500 to $2600. I had brake pads replaced twice in the last 5 months as well. There was another repair that cost me over $300, which was causing the check engine light to come on.

Don't think I care to spend another $2500 on a car that is over 7 years old, even though it has only 94,000 miles on it.

3rd Jul 2008, 17:16

My ac compressor locked up on my 2002 at 74,000 miles.

11th Jul 2008, 08:31

I completely agree, my 2002 XL-7 has 68,000 miles on it and started making the squealing noise when you turned the air on earlier this week, and we assumed it to be a belt and were taking it tomorrow morning to the mechanic.

Now this morning the service engine light came on, I am sure it is the AC compressor. This is a lot of people with the same problem with the same car. Suzuki should be responsible to fix this.

12th Jul 2008, 15:27

I own a 2001 XL-7. My compressor went at about 80,000 miles.

That is the only problem I have had with this truck. It is a very reliable SUV and one of the few still made in Japan, so I plan to keep it till it dies which means I'll keep it for a very long long time.

1st Aug 2008, 22:19

I've had some issues with my ac and finally had to get my compressor replaced today. Paid full price but with a local mechanic I paid just under $1500. Way too much. Now my fan sounds like its going. The good news is I have almost 160k miles but I want to keep going beyond 200k. Especially now. The car has basically been good but I have had yearly repairs that do add up. I hope this is closing in on the end.

11th Aug 2008, 06:50

My 2002 XL7 limited has 111,000 miles on it. I have to replace the brakes every year, tires wear out early and my A/C compressor froze for the 2nd time. Time to cut my losses.

13th Aug 2008, 01:21

I'm just shocked that Suzuki has not committed to issue recalls regarding a/c compressor problem... being that this SUV (aside from the timing chain tensioner) is reliable. I commute 104 miles daily from Connecticut to NYC, the vehicle has 125,800 miles and has not given a major issue. I just starting to hear the rattling in the engine from the chain tensioner, and will have it checked... I will also keep a close monitor on the A/C compressor.

11th Sep 2008, 22:26

Yes, A/C is deceased in this truck. I bought it when it had 28000 miles. Now 82000 and the A/C stopped working. My friend has the same problem after 80000 miles. Everything else is OK so far. Hope, after changing the A/C it going to last for a while. But Suzuki must do something about it. Can we forward this website to them?