27th Dec 2004, 00:24

I too own a TATA Estate from 1995. This car has given me many problems. My windows failed, electrical work had to be redone, radiator had to be remade because it wasn't avaiable as the vehicle had stopped being manufactured, it made all possible noses, the chassis gave way and had to be welded. The bad remarks are countless, but I too feel that this is the safest car around. My Father was saved in an accident on the Bombay - Pune highway, the was a traffic jam and his car was waiting for traffic to resume and suddenly a truck rammed the car from behind at a great speed. The car went and rammed the truck in front, it was sandwiched, but nobody got a scratch in the car. Despite its problems the tata estate is one of my favorites. That's the reason I haven't sold it yet.

9th Aug 2005, 06:12

Yeah it's true that the Estate is truly great car. My dad bought this car three years back (2002). It had all the rattling sounds a truck or a auto rickshaw would make. I believe, TATA was too cautious about the performance that they ignored the durability of the extra-fittings like, door panels, electric connections etc. I bet you, if only they were made world-class, no car can beat an Estate. I remember when our relatives had come, we were around 13 people cruising through the highway and the car ran as though there were only 2 people. It's an absolutely amazing car. All one has to do after purhasing an Estate is to find the best 'tinker' in town and re-engineer all the fittings (doors, handles, locks) along with the electric connections. After that it can act as a luxury sedan as well as a MUV. Cheers up Estate owners... I have a Chevy Optra, but still enjoy driving my Dad's Estate...She's my sweet heart!

- John.

12th Dec 2005, 08:05

I own a tata estate and believe me when I say that this car makes me feel like a king on the roads especially the highways and outstation roads. I have been hit by a bus and a truck and still no serious damage to car. It moves like a dream. I have driven many of the latest vehicles, but I feel most safe in an estate. Its tough and I regret it that it is discontinued. It probably came at a time when people could not afford it.Its in a class of its own. I have refitted the car with plush interiors, new tyres, sunroof etc and IT IS LUXURIOUS, like no other.- Sequeira.

30th Dec 2005, 00:16

I also have 1995 TATA Estate car. it is a wonderful car. Like any other car, it also requires proper maintenance to keep it in mint condition. The performance on the road is excellent. In MUMBAI city traffic, even today I am surprised to see the pick up. Without ANY EXTRA EFFORT, it leaves all Other cars behind once the traffic lights become green. The road grip is super. On Highway I am sure anybody who drives this car feels like a king. It may not overtake many latest modern cars beyond 110 kmph, but the feel of the car is excellent. It belongs to a different class. I am sure if TATA's re-launches it again with some improvements, people will forget Taveras and Innovas.

14th Mar 2007, 08:32

I own a Estate 1997 Model. Really boss this car is a wonder and makes you feel like a "VIP" on roads. I find no problem in having this car. In highways the car makes you most secure other than Bullet Proof cars. It was hit later by a mini truck from head to head collision. Only headlight and blinkers were broken. Rest was almost safe. Everything needs care and maitainance, so this car too asks. Is it more?

11th Oct 2007, 13:57

Hey guys... its great to read about your cars. My dad used to own an Estate way back in '95; I lived my childhood in that car. I was in search of that car until a month ago (I found it in a junk yard). Actually, the man my dad sold the car to (for some reason that I don't know, but I know he loved his car), had eventually sold it to a junk yard. As soon as I found the car, I bought it immediately. It's in pretty good shape, but now I need to get loads of stuff done; a paint job, engine, interior, and tyres. If any of you can help me find spares, that would be really helpful.

20th Dec 2007, 02:09

I have a 1995 Tata Estate. It has no problems and it's maintained such that it's like a new one. It gives pleasure to drive this car on the highways or even city internal roads. It's still there with me in good condition, though we have a Maruti SX4. I love using my Tata Estate... So cheers to all the Tata Estate owners!

- Rohan Sunil Dharane.

13th Dec 2008, 08:43

Tata Estate is a wonderful car and that is all.

14th Jan 2009, 21:16

Yes Yes... the best car I have ever driven. It's sad that its out of production.


31st Jan 2009, 01:20

Reliable, comfortable, cheap to use, the Estate still rules the road.

24th Feb 2009, 15:31

Hi! Guys I am from Kerala, Cochin, great to read that are still estates around India even today on the roads. I have my dad's 1994 model Tata Estate, which he bought for an extra 60,000 rs to get it fast way back in 1994.

It was dad's first car and has been in the family for the last 14 years, even though we have 4 other cars all foreign (Benz to Land Cruiser).

We still use the estate occasionally just for long trips (short trips parking is a problem), which is very great and VERY SAFE.

Yes, the car has many problems, mainly all the poor electrical parts and the plastics parts design.

All you have to do to get good comfort and mileage is to occasionally repair it.

I have redone all the wiring and electrical motors like windows, wipers, central locking, the whole stuff, done the engine work and the paint job, new tyres, cooling films..etc and many many more. It cost me about 1.75 lakhs to get it perfect.

Now my estate gets a good mileage about 12km with A/C (which is really gives cold air) in the city and around 14km in highway.

No more engine bombing sounds or the shakes of the doors or anything.

Just get the problems fixed by a professional guy and not by a small kid you see in a roadside garage.

All the parts I have used are either from other estates and from other models of Tata cars (Safari, Sumo); they are have basically have the same design and have almost the same parts.

Overall I rate it a 9 on 10.

Thanks and bye!!!

7th Apr 2009, 02:31

This is regarding the actual paintwork on the outside of the TATA.

The coat of paint on the outside is very THIN, it's so thin that a small scratch will go right down to the metal! Any repairs are going to be costly, but that's not all. If you want to polish your car for that nice shine, you'll have to be very careful, because the paint is so thin you can soon be making the car much duller as you go through the layer of paint.

If you want to buy this Tata, and if you doubt this in any way, I suggest you use a professional paint thickness guide, and you'll discover the TATA's sprayed paint on the outside is far below the minimum requirement.