29th Apr 2009, 13:16

I owned Tata Estate 1995 model several years ago. Bought it used under very high mileage (200,000km plus in odometer). Removed all the parts from bumper to bumper, and replaced several new parts and brought to brand new condition and shape. With white color and pristine looks, car is great.

Minor problems with electricals do exist, but fixed at right time, it works fine.

On a highway I received 14kms per litre with A/C (Super king). Within city averages to 10km per litre with A/C.


6th Dec 2009, 10:37

I own 1994 model Tata Estate. It was bought brand new by my NRI uncle because it had many features like foreign cars. Main features like AC, power steering, power brakes and power windows. We used to drive it for longer distances because of sightseeing all over India, but it never gave any trouble. Nowadays I am also an NRI, but love my car from depth of my heart. It is still parked in my garage. When ever I visit India, I drive it. But nowadays I have problem with the availability of body parts.

12th Dec 2009, 09:28

I own 1994 model Tata Estate. Though it is too old, but still it is giving good service. My NRI uncle bought it because at that time its features matched with most of foreign cars. Main features under consideration were factory fitted AC and power steering. I drove it for miles and miles, but it never failed. Moreover it is a safe car. The point against is its size. It is difficult to fit it narrow parking lanes.

K S Grewal.

2nd May 2010, 03:18

To all owners of Tata Estates.

Hi friends.

It is very happy to hear there are still wholehearted, appreciative and proud owners of the Tata Estate.

I write this in order to maintain a communication among the proud owners of the Estate. It may help us to discuss, suggest, advise about the Tata Estate. Since, nowadays, it is very difficult to get the accessories. As we use the same, we may have some ideas that others will be unaware of. If we can discuss, we could keep the vehicle at its best.

johnsonjones@sify.com is where you can contact me.

27th Jul 2010, 03:39

I too own a Tata Estate, and am very happy with it. Bought it 5 years back (second-hand), and never had any major problems with the vehicle. Mostly use it for long drives/journeys, and I bet it's the most comfortable car in its category.

I've been facing a very weird problem for the last two days. I am unable to engage reverse gear. Did anybody face this problem, and if yes, what was the cause? I am yet to take the vehicle to the garage. Just thought of trying to find the cause on the net before I get surprises later.




11th Aug 2010, 01:28


I am not surprised with the number of people praising the Tata estate. It was a car ahead of its time. If it was launched today with little modern touches, it would outsell any large car... the comfort and pleasure of driving this beast is absolutely amazing... yes it is a little expensive to maintain it, but it is money well spent.

As I am from Pune, finding spares is not a problem. Try using spares from a Tata 207 or a Sumo Dx. The parts are very similar.

My engine is a little underpowered. Try using additive to the engine. You get 2 cans. Add one to the old engine oil and run the engine (don't drive) for 10 minutes. Then drain the old engine oil. Mix the other can with Castrol turbo and your engine is fit for 15000 kms. Also it helps the piston rings get closer, cleans all the pipes, and throws the soot accumulated away. It costs Rs 500. Try it guys, works very well. I have just finished doing it and the results are very impressive.

Anyway... best of luck, and well done to all the Tata Estate drivers and owners.

1st May 2012, 13:19

The Tata estate is a very spacious car. It is very comfortable for long trips, so this is one of my favourite cars.

2nd Jul 2012, 11:27

It might be due to the problems with the clutch plate, or I think you should pull the gear top properly.

18th Jul 2012, 06:52

It is perhaps the best car if we consider the comfort. But the biggest problem is that the spares are not available. If anybody has some ideas regarding the spare parts, please guide me.



30th Dec 2012, 05:34

Am interested in buying a Tata Estate. Can anybody tell me that my decision is correct or wrong? Please guide. If yes, then please also let me know the availability of spare parts in the Chattisgarh area.

18th Jul 2013, 16:27

Hi, do you still have the Tata Estate? I was very fond of the Estate, and right now I am looking to buy a well maintained Tata Estate.

8th Aug 2013, 06:04

Hello Sequiera,

Is there any way I can get in touch with you directly, as I am planning to buy an estate... I just love that car. Would need some guidance from you on the same.


Regards, AB.

8th Aug 2013, 06:22


Thanks for sharing the info.

The engine parts may match with the 207 or the Sumo DX, but what about the body parts?

Are they also available?

Kindly share the info... It will be a great help.


Regards, AB.

3rd Jul 2014, 16:37

Hi guys,

Planning for an estate as my 2nd car for long trips. Any suggestions will be helpful about the vehicle.