1986 Toyota 4Runner SR5 22RE from North America




When I first bought it, the brake lines rusted out and I replaced myself; only took 45 minutes to re-run them all!

Besides that, it has been great!!

General Comments:

I've put lots of miles on this, and still to this day drive everywhere. It goes through snow like a tank!!

I've tried to get stuck, just to see what it would take, and still haven't got stuck. That's only stock; if you were to put a small lift on one of these, it would be unstoppable!

The dependability is great; wouldn’t be afraid to take it across the country today, even with the miles it has on it.

Overall, I love this thing, and will not be able to sell it, even when I get a new one.

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Review Date: 8th April, 2010

1986 Toyota 4Runner 4x4 22re from North America




Previous owner did not take great care of it, so some problems had to be fixed.

Faulty master cylinder, replaced when I got it.

Replaced spark plugs and wires.

Dead battery, replaced at 180k.

Faulty alternator, replaced at 180k.

Put new tires on at 180k.

Rebuilt the brake calipers at 190k.

Faulty brake booster replaced at 190k.

General Comments:

I love my Toyota, great gas mileage and a good 22r motor.

The motor has been untouched for almost 200,000 miles and still ticking.

Like everyone has said before.. if you take care of a Toyota, it will last a lifetime.

My A/C needs to be recharged but that's about my only complaint.

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Review Date: 13th May, 2009

1986 Toyota 4Runner LN61 2.4 diesel from Australia and New Zealand


If maintained, will last a lifetime


Had to replace rear exhaust flange on the first day.

Had Steering alignment first day as wheel shuddered while driving.

Had rear diff seal replaced in a week of owning it.

Had the injectors and injection pump replaced 2 months after purchase (would have done sooner but had to save the $3000 required).

Had to replace CV joints at start of the year ('09). Passenger side snapped, but replaced both.

Replaced rear tail-shaft uni joints.

Rear window control switch (internal) stopped working.

Head reconditioned 5000 K's before I bought it.

General Comments:

This 4x4 has had a few problems, but I expect that with the age, and I have never had the same problem twice.

Very reliable and with some preventative care and regular maintenance, this truck will last over another two decades.

Bought the truck for $4200, but have easily spent a further $10,000 on it with upgrading, for example, heavy duty clutch, extractors and a 2 1/4 inch exhaust system, K&N filters, snorkel, dual battery system, diff breathers etc.

But that $10,000 also include engine oil changes every 5000 K's, other drive-train oils every 20,000, new brake pads, new shockers, radiator flushes and new coolant.

Plus correcting any of the "Whats Wrong" problems as well.

Basically the previous owners didn't look after it, but with a bit of TLC it runs as good as the day she came off the floor.

The body and interior are not in the greatest shape, but I find it to be a tough and capable truck and would recommend it to someone after a 4x4, but not wanting the big size of a 'Cruiser or Patrol, no need for the Ute capability of the hilux (although spacious as a wagon), and want Toyotas reliability.

Only other thing to say is don't expect to win any drag races with it, unless ya up against the same car, the diesel is particularly a bit of a slug up hills, but that aside I find it great to drive, perhaps I just like living at a slower pace and driving a little slower then everyone else though.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2009

1986 Toyota 4Runner 2.4? petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Don't waste your money on this model, get a Landcruiser


Well, sorry to rain on the good parade. I had nothing but trouble... I bought the car, on the road, for $5800.

List of things that went wrong:

1. Power steering box reconditioned ($700 approx)

2. NEW LONG MOTOR (crankshaft went)... fitted & installed for $3500 approx. Both these happened 2 months after purchase.

3. New master cylinder, drums, shoes etc for back brakes... approx $800.

4. Electrics in the car are a mess, to say it politely.

5. Exhaust manifold, fixed twice... both came to approx $1500 ea.

6. TPI switch (throttle positioning) CONSTANTLY playing up.

7. Various bits & pieces to fix etc.

8. Fuel regulator, fuel sender, fuel pump, & fuel lines needed replacing... approx $500 total.

9. New master switch for electric windows & heater fixed... approx $500.

10. Upper & lower ball joints replaced, approx $500.

11. New radiator...

12. FINAL STRAW... head gasket/cracked cylinder, dunno which, cause I don't give a rats about it anymore.

I poured over $13000 dollars into this 'car'. What a spectacular waste of money!!

General Comments:

It was great in the bush & on sand after purchasing decent Simex tyres for it.

The very few good things on the car that didn't play up... the transmission, turned on a 10 cent piece, zippy off the mark.

Serviced it regularly (every 7000kms).

All in all, I MAY have just got a 'lemon', but after consulting with a few 4Runner owners here & there... some of these problems seem to be common.

I can't say that this is a good car.

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Review Date: 16th November, 2008

17th Nov 2008, 09:01

Okay, so you purchased a 20 year-old vehicle with high mileage, and you're complaining that it needed a lot of repairs... Are you surprised? You shouldn't be.

The vehicle was old enough to vote!

22nd Jun 2009, 01:53

Heh, My family owns a 1986 4runner, one breakdown since, only having problems with the ignition. 600,000 kilometres.

9th Jul 2009, 17:11

It sounds like whoever you had fix it was more of the problem. That was way too much to pay for those repairs. I think that you either love or hate Toyota. I have two that are broke down more than they run, but I still like them. My only vehicle that has never left me stranded or stuck, believe it or not, is my 1978 GMC Jimmy. I like my Toyota trucks when they are running right. Sorry you had such a terrible experience with yours.