2016 Toyota 4Runner Trail 4.0L V6 petrol from North America


Little oddities, but overall satisfying to own


Went in for the covered 5,000 mile Toyota care service. Came out, and since I am a tall guy I had to understandably move my seat back into position. The seat while moving makes a grumbling noise and seems to skip on the tracks. Dealer will cover under warranty.

Entune system sometimes has errors like reboots.

General Comments:

Overall so far I'm happy with it. For a 6'2 me it's roomy; it had gotten really big compared to old 4Runners, way better than my Tacoma in all respects, more money though, but it's quiet, it's smooth, it's not a tire burner, but it has satisfying power.

It's comfortable, and it seems to be well screwed together; everything for an SUV seems tight. I can't say much else, no reliability complaints so far, will update as the miles tick on.

I also like that the Trail model is offered with a manual transfer case; you can shift from 2wd to 4wd hi or low while stopped or stuck. Also comes standard with a rear locker that can be engaged while stopped as well.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2016

23rd Jul 2017, 21:22

To the original poster. You had mentioned that you would update as time and mileage accumulated. It has been over a year since you posted. Could you give us an updated on how your 4runner is doing? It would be greatly appreciated. I am looking to get a new SUV and would like to know how your 4runner is as far as reliability.