2018 Toyota 4Runner SR5 4L from North America


Awesome vehicle to drive and own!!


Absolutely nothing!!

General Comments:

It's a real pleasure to drive! Great in the snow with factory tires in its first winter. Love driving it!

Power good, but it's not a 8 cylinder. Had lots of power when I needed it on the highway. Lots of creature comforts.

Had it in for the first service. Dealership a pleasure to do business with.

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2019

4th Jun 2019, 21:12

Those 4runners must really hold up. There is a 2003 at the neighborhood Infiniti dealership for $4999.00 and it has 246,000 miles on it. That dealership doesn't usually sell used cars with so many miles on it. So they must have a lot of faith in it. Even with that many miles on it.

8th Jun 2019, 23:50

I totally agree with your comment! There is never ANY used on dealer lots where I live. There is a list of buyers waiting for one to be traded.

9th Jun 2019, 21:28

Try Car Gurus, Car Max etc. Plenty.

10th Jun 2019, 21:18

I never heard of a waiting list for a used car.

10th Jun 2019, 21:29

Where do you live -- Patagonia?

Even the most casual search of any used car website can find hundreds of 4Runners for sale at every price point...

13th Jun 2019, 20:16

I live in Nova Scotia Canada. A dealer search today yielded one 4Runner for sale. A 2016. That's it!

I would never buy private sale unless for small money.

14th Jun 2019, 17:43

Probably gone by now if it's on a dealer lot, seeing how there's a waiting list.

15th Jun 2019, 11:20

I’d rather pay full or above recommended retail from a dealer. That way I have to make payments vs paying cash for the deeper savings on a late model private sale car, still under the remainder of factory warranty.