13th Nov 2007, 17:35

Be happy to own the sum of Western Technology in one vehicle!

13th Dec 2008, 11:49

Overall this is a terrific vehicle. I have the 2007 SR5 model and it is as solid as a bank vault. If you're listening Toyota, a few things should have been standard. Automatic headlights should have been included. I haven't driven a car in ten years that didn't have them and with the dash lights on at night I keep forgetting to turn the lights on. Also, illuminated window switches would have been a low cost nice extra. For a $40K car these little extras would have been nice. So far I am pleased with the vehicle and getting almost double the mileage I was with my old Jeep Grand Cherokee.

29th Jan 2009, 20:39

An answer to the Cherokee of the 80's. Side to side, a 4Runner makes a Cherokee look like a wagon.

Specialized off-road publications rank it last because of poor suspension articulation, lack of torque and general momentum over obstacles.

Front and rear axles are prone to break, AT to overheat or manual to burn clutch. OHC to oil starvation and blowing head gasket. They also tend to rust on body stress point. They are body filler champion up north. With a 3.0 L and the 4.88 axle ratio, this rig is geared for a snow storm with no other pretension.

A Liberty with a much lower ground clearance will tackle the Rubicon with ease. Let's call it a suburb SUV with a look to compete without the competence.

25th Mar 2009, 04:32

Great look! IFS front suspension is by nature an anti-off-road design. Therefore you are the only one to believe that you can match a sagging Jeep grocery getter.. Not to mention overrated HP...

24th Aug 2010, 01:09

I bought my 2007 4Runner SR5 (2 wheel drive) brand new 3 and a 1/2 years ago and absolutely loved it. I just sold it to another family member because I took a job that requires quite a bit more commuting, and needed something much more economical on gas. I owned this vehicle when gas hit $4 per gallon a couple of years ago, and it was painful to fill the tank.

By the way, I was lucky to sell it to another family member because my attempts to trade it in with 50k miles was so disappointing (even though I kept it in immaculate condition). Even the Toyota dealer wanted to give me well below the wholesale value (auction value is what they call it), which was annoying considering that resale value is something they tout heavily when you purchase their vehicles. I ended up selling it to a relative for exactly what I owed on it, which was still $4,500 more than any dealer was willing to offer.

Overall, it was a great vehicle. Very comfortable and very reliable. Two minor issues kept occurring, one of which I've since learned is a common problem with this make/model. The light that indicates low tire pressure comes on often. Apparently the sensor is extra sensitive, so if it's even just a few degrees below 50 outside, it will likely come on. The other issue I had was with the stereo system. Occasionally it acted up and started to eject the CDs without any prompts on my part. Once in a blue moon, the LED readout for the radio stations would completely disappear, although I could still hear the radio and change pre-set channels. It was like the stereo was possessed or something. It always worked though, so I never mentioned it to the dealer when it went in for service.

16th Aug 2011, 13:30

I think your CD/radio was dying. My 2007 4Runner did that for a few months - sound on with no display, and ejecting the CD in radio mode. Finally, it had no power and I'm currently in the process of getting a new unit... unless someone has information that it's not the head unit that went bad.

11th Dec 2013, 08:43

There is nothing 'inferior' about the transfer case of a V8 4Runner. The V8 4Runner is just like the king of off roading, the Landcruiser.

In the V6, when you engage the 4x4, it becomes like the V8 4Runner. When you disengage it, it becomes a rear wheel drive SUV, whereas the V8 becomes an AWD SUV.