11th Jan 2002, 21:53

While I am sure no one will read this, I am the owner of a 1987 4runner. I have owned this station wagon/truck since 1996. I considered myself upside down in the vehicle for many years with no intention of selling. It is truly a love/hate relationship.

The rust has been repaired, new lower ball joints, clutch, shocks, tires, 2 complete exhaust systems (save for for for catalytic converter) the truck NEVER fails to start! I cannot kill it if I tried!

I am currently searching for a rebuilt transmission (3 and 5 make a terrible noise for about the past 1.5 years)... yes it leaks oil, yes it rides like crap, yes most of the conviences do not work. It will not die! I will fix the transmission and dream about new shocks and springs, more power, and an ass that doesn't sag. I am a relic who remembers the mid 80's when I envied the owners of a 1987 4runner... how pathetic is that?!?

15th Jun 2004, 11:24

I have had my 1987 4runner for two years and purchased after a engine rebuild. It is a Turbo SR5, automatic with over 200.000 on the chassis. Recently I have begun to experience a power loss, especially at take off, The truck does not appear to shift right at times and has a slight miss. Plugs, wires and cap have been changed. How do I diagnose whether or not this is a timing issue, catalytic converter, sensor on turbo or transmission. Please help.

26th Aug 2004, 18:57

Check your O2 sensor. My 87 had the same problem and when I replaced my sensor, "with a Toyota dealer sensor" I regained my power and increased my gas mileage.

30th May 2006, 19:53

Just bought a 87 4runner. 185k miles. Has not been abused.

Did have to put some money and parts into it. So now I am upside down (6k total). But I love it. When the motor or tranny (or whatever) goes I going to put a new or rebuilt one in it. Part are plentiful, ebay is a good source.

1st Jul 2006, 10:15

I own a 1987 4-runner sr5. glad to hear I'm not the only one experiencing oil loss! The truck is nothing short of "awesome" Didn't really have to do anything to it. Added a lift to it (to take care of the sag, Rancho rsx5000 shocks (a must), and a chip for the mass air flow sensor. The truck isn't the quickest guy in the world, but it sure is fun in the back country!

Two thumbs up! They just don't make em like they used to.

4th Dec 2007, 16:29

I bought my 1987 4runner in 2003. I've had to replace a rear axle seal due to the previous owner running a bent rim for who knows how long.

Put a red top optima battery in it. Added a channel mount KC light bar with four lights. One new water pump.

Upgraded the stereo system quite a bit (most expensive part), and added a full soft top, and as for MY oil leak, it came down to the front main seal, and the four rubber gaskets on top of my valve cover. Turns out four owners back it used to be in my wife's family. After being sold from them to a high school kid, it has been laid over on it's side then sold to the guy I bought it from, who replaced the front clip and rebuilt the bottom end of the engine, and it now has a 3 inch body lift and is sitting flat.

I would rather have a suspension lift on these, due to the fact that the gas tank hangs so low, but I chalk that up as a lesson learned. No matter how much I ever put into it, I'm never going to sell it because: the insurance is cheap, it starts every time, and you just can't kill a well maintained Toyota.

22nd May 2009, 10:57

Bought my 87 runner a few months ago for a grand. Had to replace fuel pump, fired right up. Runs good.

Bought new seats for 40 bucks from a friend.

Had to fix a few small things. All in all spent about 250 bucks, so I'm out about 1250 not counting the 600 dollar tires and a saggy ass end, but in due time all will prevail.

She runs like a champ, and gets me to and from, with a little bit of muddin and climbing for the bored times.

25th Sep 2010, 21:14

Just bought my 1987 with 390,000 km. Motor work was done as well as tranny, timing belt, shocks etc and am lined up to get the problematic rear power window fixed.

My issue is with the lowering of the spare with a short rod. Can't make it work and I'm thinking the new Dunlop tire has never been used. How can I get the tire down? Cannot get the rod into any position to lower. Any help out there??? Love this truck!


15th Dec 2010, 18:39

Hey as per my previous comment, the spare tire is easy now, piece of cake. Canadian Tire replaced the whole rear window mechanism including window... parts cost $150.00 hahahaha

New tires, complete check on everything, solid frame, no rust, no oil burn... with update repairs and tires I'm in for, only $4,000. WOOHOO, I'll keep it forever...