7th Nov 2012, 11:02

Why is Toyota a "Myth"? They currently make the world's most reliable cars and are now the world's largest automaker. Explain the "Myth" here...

8th Nov 2012, 08:08

Oil starvation, yes sir, we had a Pontiac Vibe (Toyota Matrix) that at a whopping 48,000 miles, blew the motor because of the same problem. Now that's what I call reliable.

9th Nov 2012, 10:22

Where do you get reliable?

Here's my stance. Toyota should provide a toll free # you call as a new car owner, and they come to your work or home and pick up your car, and do all the myriad of recalls as they occur over and over. That's reliable. Pick up the phone and have the perfect reliable car #1 in all regards, picked up without the slightest inconvenience to the new Toyota vehicle owner that has a car under warranty! That's a myth thinking that the you won't have to waste your time and gas to do recalls that are not your fault. Now you totally understand why not everyone follows you around on the bandwagon with lavish praise.

10th Nov 2012, 04:30

The reviewer's engine blew up at 32000 miles; explain how that is reliable on a new car? You just go on and on. In the interim, I doubt he will buy another Toyota. Do you praise GM on the months they are the worlds largest automaker? It's not that much of a spread in the top 2. It goes back and forth, one month one then the other. You do have the recall award.

10th Nov 2012, 08:33

How about a 2009 Camry that I traded in at under 60,000 miles because I was fed up with the horrible build quality; do you consider that "reliable" or a "dud"?

10th Nov 2012, 16:12

After owning a few imports, we are now staunchly in the domestic car camp again for good. No import we had came even close to being as well-built or reliable as our Ford and GM cars. Any car maker that has over 30 million recalls is not to be trusted. That indicates very poor attention to detail and a horrible lack of concern for the safety of their buyers. I test drove the Pontiac Vibe in 2006 before buying a Ford, and I opted not to buy the Vibe because it had the flimsy Toyota drive train. When I buy a vehicle, I expect to drive it a minimum of 100,000 miles without ever opening the hood except for oil changes, batteries and cleaning the air filter. I've done that with all our Ford, GM and Dodge vehicles. I don't want to spend all my weekends working on my cars. I have better things to do.

11th Nov 2012, 18:06

Better things to do like spending all of your time bashing Toyotas and other imports on this site?

12th Nov 2012, 05:57

How about having better things to do with your money than buying a new engine and trans on a car just out of warranty?

12th Nov 2012, 20:45

Actually many Toyotas have serious problems even before the warranty expires, and in many cases the dealerships refuse to perform the repairs.

13th Nov 2012, 16:07

Funny, there is a story currently on AOL that ranks "America's Most Reliable Cars", and the 2010 Toyota Corolla grabbed the top spot, the 2008 Ford Taurus finished 2nd, & the 2011 Chevrolet Impala finished 9th. The Taurus & Impala were the only "Domestic Makes" in the top ten.

So much for the argument that "domestics" are vastly superior to "imports". Honestly I don't see a huge difference.

14th Nov 2012, 14:34

What did it say on new Camrys made in the past 3 years? The past 3 years has been recall, recall, recall on Toyota!

14th Nov 2012, 16:53

Making generalizations isn't a real way to make a sort of counterpoint. Saying that "Toyotas need repairs before the warranty is up" or that dealers refuse to repair them for some reason, lacks any validity.

15th Nov 2012, 10:52

You are missing the point, but I'll sure give you this: What you lack in objectivity, you make up for in spades with an unfounded bias against Japanese cars (which by the way, made up most of that 10 Most Reliable list).

15th Nov 2012, 11:46

Today is over 2 million Prius water pumps recalled. How great! Recall, recall, recall in the millions, and are we expected to return to the fold? How is it bias if you got disgusted and owned the brand prior? I would buy a low mile Toyota over 10 years old before any in the past few years.

15th Nov 2012, 23:30

How many Chrysler products were on that list?

16th Nov 2012, 06:24

We own GM and Ford. How is commenting that some Chryslers have recalls overcome the Toyota objection? That's called deflection. Like Johnny down the street was bad also, so I can keep doing the same.

16th Nov 2012, 10:55

Too bad that Toyota made the top of the list as the most reliable automotive brand. So what was that again about recalls? I forgot...

16th Nov 2012, 12:45

Stick to the name Toyota, not all imports. Recalls mean zilch to you, and Toyota is in the millions lately. Over and over and over. Glad I bought a new Mazda!

17th Nov 2012, 08:31

You're forgetting that the quality has also dropped; I know this from actual experience.

18th Nov 2012, 12:38

Well, I know Toyota fans don't care for facts, but add in another million Toyota recalls for the Prius. Of course it was very minor. Just that the STEERING can fail! Of course Toyota has a low repair record. They are never on the road due to being in the shop for recalls (which now total more than all domestic cars recalled since recalls began).

I will never buy any poorly built Japanese death trap, regardless of all the bought-and-paid-for "reliability surveys". Anyone these days can hire companies to come up with any results they want.

19th Nov 2012, 07:16

Those are serious allegations - Do you have the proof to back up your statement? If not there is a word that comes to mind - LIBEL.

20th Nov 2012, 17:58

USA Today, Autoweek, LA Times and I am sure your local newspaper can keep you informed on the latest recalls. YouTube is a pretty good source as well.

21st Nov 2012, 16:48

I seldom read any newspaper that does not carry yet another story about Toyota's never-ending recalls. You'd have to live on another planet not to be aware of them.

31st Mar 2013, 02:09

Toyota fanatics don't seem to realize that Toyota is just a company that is just out to get as much of your money as they can.

When I was 19, I owned a 1974 Toyota Corolla that was one of the best cars I've ever owned. I was hit by a Dodge truck at 70 mph, rolled several times, and walked away uninjured. Of course I bought another Toyota. A big mistake. A 1981 Celica SR5 that needed both a re-built engine and transmission at less than 100,000 miles.