30th Jun 2003, 08:54

I also own a 1995 4-Runner. Had a bunch of problems off the bat, but thought it was just the mechanics working on it. (ERG Sensor, vacuum hoses). The truck did OK for a couple of months and now I am having a problem with the transmission overheating. I've been stranded in PA twice in three weeks. I love the truck, it has a great rep overall, but as far as I can tell Toyota did not build a reliable

V-6. Hope everyone else doesn't have the same problems.

21st Jul 2003, 11:32

I have a 1995 4Runner with only 55,000 miles. It just started burning a quart of oil every 500 miles within the last year. Does this have anything to do with a recall?


15th Mar 2004, 22:56

I have the 1995 4runner with a v6 3vge engine and although it is not the quickest off the line, it does quite well considering I put 33" x 12.50 x 15 tires on it (I get a lot of complements from other 4runner owners on the tires, they make it look great).

Anyways, I have only had to replace the radiator at 105,000 miles, and the battery at 125,000 miles, along with the new head gasket that the dealer installed for FREE (recall on the head gasket) at around 55,000 miles.

Considering I have about 127,000 miles on it, that is not a lot of things to fix, and I DO NOT burn any oil whatsoever.

I guess I am lucky considering that everybody else's truck burns oil and my truck does not burn any at all...

Guess I received the 1 good v6 out of every 10 that was equipped..

John C.

Of Southern California.

28th Mar 2005, 13:51

My 95 4Runner was also using oil until the head gasket blew. After the repair, it is not using oil.

9th Sep 2005, 16:38

I blew my head gasket as 33K miles and now at 180K.

I also have been buring oil (quart every 600 miles or so)

After the second head gasket replacement my A/T overheat light goes on after 30 minutes at 60 mph.. any ideas?

26th May 2008, 12:51

I replaced the head gaskets a few hundred miles ago and I only get 10 MPG's now! Any ideas? I also hear a squeeky sound when I turn the steering wheel.