1995 Toyota 4Runner SR5 22-RE from North America


It's cheap on gas, reliable, and tough


Since I've owned it: leaks at valve cover gasket, oil pan gasket, exhaust manifold gasket. Sticky throttle body cable, hole in muffler. Rusted rear window carriers inside the tailgate.

In 2001 the engine overheated for the previous owner while towing, resulting in an engine fire and a total rebuild of the 22RE motor.

General Comments:

My most recent 4Runner is a 1995 4-cylinder 22RE, originally from Nevada, so rust is minimal. It was brought to BC in 2003. Now, in 2015, it has no body or frame rust and runs great! With any 20 year-old car, I expect a bit of wear, but there isn't much. It starts every time and goes places I'd never expect a stock 4Runner to go (up mountains and through water, over rocks, climbing hills, etc). It is an amazing 4x4! I've given it a complete tune-up and I make sure I give it regular oil changes. Back window works, heat works.

It starts every time, has taken me on many road trips, and is great on gas, being a 4 cylinder. Even the battery is 6 years old, but it never fails. It might not win any races, but I don't drive fast anyway.

My last 4Runner was a '91 V6; I bought it at 300,000 km (186,000 miles) and I never had any problem in the 2.5 years I owned it, except for ball joint replacements, a few oil leaks, and expected wear and tear of brakes, shocks, and tires over time. It was a 3.0 gas guzzler, so I ended up letting it go in search of a 22RE. I'm so glad I did!!!

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Review Date: 25th January, 2015

1995 Toyota 4Runner SR5 3.0 V6 from North America


Pain in the $%#^!


I bought the car from an old man who used it as a vacation car. The truck ran fine for the summer and fall, then it all went down hill in the winter. It blew a cooling line through the block. I fixed that, but 3 months later it overheated, so I replaced your basic stuff. Nothing worked; took it to the mechanic, he tells me blown head gasket. Not covered by the recall. I won't buy another Toyota unless it has the 22re motor.

General Comments:

Fun to drive, except not much power.

Not reliable.

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Review Date: 11th July, 2011

29th Mar 2012, 12:41

I love my 4runner... I bought it after the previous owner had replaced the head gaskets.

I've had a few problems that were easily fixed; thermostat, alternator, fan clutch, but it's not as bad as they make it seem.

Very reliable, I've put over 80K miles on it, and I paid only 5K for it.

Overall, I don't regret my 4runner... 4x4 has rarely been used, but it works great all the time.

1995 Toyota 4Runner LTD 3.0 from North America




The head gasket blew last night. My girlfriend was driving it and broke down. She called me to tell me the car had overheated, and billows of white smoke were coming out. I drove to pick her up and help, and thought it was not that big a deal, but when I tried to start it... what a nightmare. I bought a gallon of coolant and dumped that in. But it was too late. The damage was done. By the way, the coolant was spitting out of the radiator, I realized the head gasket was blown. I tried to drive it down the road to get as close to home as I could before calling AAA, but could only get a couple blocks.

Now I have to decide if the car is worth fixing or junking. Reading other stories, I don't know how difficult it would be to replace the gasket and how much other damage had been done. I guess I will flip a coin.

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Review Date: 10th May, 2011