1995 Toyota 4Runner SR5 3.0L V6 from North America


Sharp-looking truck, but gas mileage hurts your wallet (16 mpg)


The cruise control has been messed up since I bought it. It will randomly shift from overdrive into drive and stay in it while on the freeway, regardless of the incline/decline. This sends the RPM's well over 4k.

The engine went out at 165k and had to be rebuilt. Drivers seat is worn out on the side from my pants rubbing it as I get in. The plastic around the sunroof is cracking (but not really noticeable).

The rear coil springs sag BAD. It looks like a dog dragging its tail in the dirt. I ended up having to buy some custom-made 2-inch coil spring spacers for about $100. Problem solved now.

General Comments:

I really love this truck, although the cruise problem has always ticked me off. I replaced the cc actuator, which did me no good, so I think the problem is in the cc computer. I LOVE the fact that the tailgate window goes down - it eliminates all wind noise when I have the sunroof open or the front windows down. I am rather turned off about how little leg room there is for backseat passengers - the bench doesn't move forward or back at all, so the only way I can give people legroom is if I scoot my seat forward. My sister's '88 Pathfinder's backseat does move, so I feel cheated. This puppy is pretty tightly sealed, however, and eliminates a lot of road/tire noise while driving on the freeway. I wish the cup=holders were larger though.

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Review Date: 12th May, 2007

21st Jan 2010, 17:16

You got 16 mpg's?? Lucky! I owned a 95 4runner also, and only got 10 on the street and 13 (if I was lucky) on the freeway. Although on my way from California to Utah, my car lost power and was only able to make it up to 40. The car never recovered and is now just junk.

1995 Toyota 4Runner Limited 3vze V6 from North America




Blown head gasket, no help from Toyota. Saw leak of death after work. Took it into the shop yesterday. Toyota sucks and will never buy again.

If any info on lawsuit, my e-mail is ibemattalica@hotmail.com.

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Review Date: 26th January, 2007

27th Jan 2007, 17:25

You are way outta line!! This is an 11 year old vehicle approaching 200,000 miles!!! What do you expect Toyota to do??? Replace it under warranty?? Not even Hyundai's warranty would have paid for this accident!!! I cannot believe this review is even on here...

19th Nov 2007, 16:10

Please remove this review, it is of no help and I waisted time waiting for the page to load. reviews should be constructive criticism with complete information, not just mearly someone having an nonconstructive whinge threatening litigation! This review was extremely unhelpful and I feel less intelligent now as case of reading it : (

1995 Toyota 4Runner SR5 V6 3.0 from North America


Ran well up till the head gasket blew


I previously owned a 95 eclipse had nothing, but problems with that car 3 transmissions 3 motors. so I got rid of it.

I know 3 other people with Toyota pick-ups with the v6 3.0, They always liked them and never seemed to really give them problems.

I bought mine and sure as the grass is green two out of the 3 blow head gaskets. Then 10K later mine blows people were saying "ever think it could be the driver?" well no way its the driver when 3 out of 4 of those motors have blown head gaskets it's completely uncalled for.

I expected something that would last me longer then 6 months, I haven't even made my 6th payment yet.

I'm pissed anyone wanna sue. I DO, but we know it won't happen, but if anyone gets anywhere with it sign me up.

I do the work myself so it saves me money that way, but for you guys that pay mechanics. I feel real bad for you.

It's extremely hard to make payments on a freaking car and pay for a 300 dollar head gasket set and 70 dollar head bolts. while your in there might as well get a timing belt save your self the money there's another 100 bucks. you know that will go soon and there's another 700 bucks for a mechanic to fix. just to let everyone know that's around the price of the parts you will be paying for. 100 bucks to get the heads tested there's 600 bucks in its self that's assuming everythin goes right and all you need is those parts, and you get a good mechanic that don't scam you, cause that happens quite often that's why I do all the work myself can't scam myself. For all you out there that's a general overview of what your paying for. Always make sure they get the heads tested or you'll regret that down the road when the head gasket blows again and you crack the head. I'm sorry this is so long, but I wanna help other people out, because I'm pissed and suffering without a car. It's all Toyota's fault, for not standing behind their product and screwing the consumer US it's a big pile of BS if you ask me. We want a car that will last past 120K without dropping 2000 into it for most people don't ya think.

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2007

23rd Dec 2007, 22:12

The first comment summed it up perfectly, but it bears repeating. If you blow a headgasket, replace it, and blow it AGAIN with 10,000 miles, then whoever put it in should be selling cheeseburgers somewhere instead of working on automobiles.

18th Mar 2010, 18:03

There are good and bad in every make Ford, Chevrolet, Nissan and yes Toyota. I feel your pain. But in a Toyota, the good out weighs the bad. I would think about letting a Certified Toyota mechanic look at it. I know you have spent good money on top of bad, but it will be worth your while.