29th Jun 2004, 17:17

I have a response to the first comment, I would much rather replace the brakes on my Jeep every so often than have to fix a blown head gasket all the time. The brakes are something you can knock out on one day if you know what you're doing. A head gasket takes a couple of days, therefore leaving you w/o a ride while it is in the shop. Besides, Jeeps are stronger than 4Runners. Jeep all the way!

16th Jul 2004, 08:45

So you would rather replace your Jeeps brakes every 10,000 miles than replace your head gaskets every 100,000 miles? So your argument was time, let's see: Replacing head gaskets=about 2 days right? Replacing brakes every 10,000 miles= a total of 10 days in 100,000 miles. No thanks, you can keep your rust bucket.

24th Jun 2005, 06:50

Very nice come back Toyota guy! I've owned a Jeep CJ7 and currently own a '92 4Runner. Jeeps are great off-roaders, but for overall reliability and value, Jeep doesn't come close to Toyota.

31st Aug 2005, 15:55

I bought a used '97 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo with 56K miles on it... have put 40K on it and just now after the 40K have I had to replace brakes/rotors...friends with Jeeps say the same... I think a few bad apples spoiled that tree.

4th Oct 2005, 12:50

I had a friend who replaced 3 transfer cases on his Grand Cherokee of that genre - no thanks. My 95 4runner's head gasket blew with only 80k on it - dealer said it was lack of maintenance, yeh right. turns out the recall only affects vehicles with the 3.0 v6 built before 10/94 - mine was built 4/95. I continue to submit complaints, but no success yet. I just want reimbursed for the part & labor since I had it done at a dealer. I've since put 175k on it with only replacing the radiator. Great vehicle, but toyota needs to step up & be accountable for a failed part.

23rd Jul 2008, 18:57

Your engine will not overheat unless you're leaking coolant/water. So in my case a $120 radiator was the result of a blown head on my 1992 Toyota SR5 with 180k, but a week including the pressure test on the heads and it's running again.

10th Feb 2010, 12:33

I have a 1995 4runner with 235k miles and still no blown head gasket! Keeping up with regular oil changes, my toy has been invincible!

Stuff I had to replace: ball joints, tie rods, idler arms, wheel bearings, shocks... all due to the previous owner.

Toyota all the way.