20th Oct 2006, 01:28

Do you have a chime for seat belt when you go off-road, or when you engage low gear, if available.

27th Oct 2006, 12:33

I have a friend with a 2000 4Runner Limited and he just leaves the headlights on, they don't turn off when you open the drivers door, but they do turn off when the car has been off for about 30 seconds. If it were me, I would just turn em off anyway, but it is somewhat of a safety feature to save your battery in case you do forget to turn them off.

27th Dec 2006, 06:36

We have a 2004 4Runner Limited with V8 - 22K miles - Only thing was the motor for the sunroof had to be replaced.

4th Jan 2007, 17:08

I have a 2004 4runner. The only major complaint that I have is there is a sulfur smell that comes into the cabin of the vehicle. If not for this smell this would be a dream truck. Iv'e contacted the dealer and I was told that this is a known problem and there are no known fixes for this problem. I also have 26000 miles for this vehicle and the problem is still there.

26th Mar 2007, 17:08

Sulfur smell is often cause by overheating catalytic converter. Another cause is an underpowered engine with restricted exhaust.

14th Jul 2007, 00:03

I have been told the sulfer smell is from using low octain fuel. With today's gas prices I know it's asking a lot, but try Mid grade or premium and see if it cures the condition. I have a 2004 4Runner Sport with the v6. It has been a great vehicle, but the sun roof motor seems to try to open even when the sun roof is all the way open. No other problems and I like it a lot.

10th Sep 2008, 17:15

I have a 2004 V8 SR5 4Runner. I really like it for a lot of reasons, however I have had a lot of problems with the hatchback. A year ago, the electronic latch went, and of course was not warranted. Can't get a manual latch so when the electronic one goes it means your hatchback will not close--exhaust gets in even when you bungee cord it shut, you can't lock your doors, etc. Anyhow, a year later it started failing again, so we looked into it some more and found that the hatch holds water when it rains, causing corrosion internally. Unfortunately, Toyota won't recall it. It is $450 Canadian to replace it.

While investigating the electronic problem with the hatchback, the dealer discovered that under the rubber seals around the hatchback window, the vehicle is rusting. Again an issue with the water retention, this time being held in the rubber window seals. Although the Toyota warranty stipulates a 60 month unlimited rust perforation warranty, they are refusing to warranty it. Don't ask me why, I've written directly to Toyota after our dealer called to tell us to pick up the vehicle without the work completed to fix the rust. Toyota themselves told me it was a 5 year warranty, and then backpedalled. I saw the estimate for the repair work and it was over $3000. This is very poor business on Toyota's part. Would love to hear if anyone else is having similar hatchback problems and any resolutions.

19th May 2009, 08:27

Owner of a 2004 limited 4runner, brought brand new in Feb 2004, it now has over 97,000 miles as of MAY 2009. I am very happy with the purchase, it has been running perfectly.

We do a lot of travel during the weekends between GA, TN, SC, NC, and AL doing side jobs with my wife. We loaded the SUV to its full capacity with sale items in the rear on every weekend trip and have had no problems.

We did notice a sulfur smell since we brought it brand new, it comes and go, we told the technician when we service the 4runner, but he said it would go away, it still does it now and then, but not a lot so no big deal.

Some mention they have problems with the sunroof motor, so far we had no problems with it yet.

Right now the technician at the dealer say it's due for a timing belt change. I hope it's not too expensive, but I think it's not cheap either.

30th Jul 2010, 20:00

I bought my '04 SR5 in '06 with 24K miles. It now has 113K miles on it, and I've not had any problems that I could claim as faulty equipment.

I do recommend using aftermarket TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) sensors instead of OEM if and when you replace them. I broke the stem on one, and an OEM is priced around $115- each and must be re-programed, about $100-. I found Orange Electronics has TPMS sensors with replaceable stems and got 5 sensors and 4 extra stems for about $225- + the $100- programing (Toyota dealer only for programing) so now if I get a broken stem, it'll only cost me to have the tire dis/remounted with the stem replaced while the tire's off.