22nd May 2007, 07:19

I had a Tahoe, Expedition, Explorer and the last one was a Durango... nothing compares to this SUV: 4RUNNER. The 6 cylinders is running 21mpg! And the performance towing my boat is incredible! My father is going to keep this one and I'm getting the new model as soon as it show up!

14th Jul 2007, 00:14

To anyone who considering the positive comments about the Jeeps, simply go the the Jeep pages of this web site to learn the truth. I bought my wife a brand new 2001 grand cherokee V8, fully loaded. The vehicle NEVER went off road and never in an accident. By 2004, 40000 miles later the brake rotars were warped, the transmission needed serious work, the rear end was going out, there was a leak toward the front of the motor that 3 different Jeep/Dodge dealers couldn't fix and both heated seats no longer worked. Bid to fix from Broadway Dodge in Denver CO was over $10K. We traded her in and I will never buy a Jeep again! Consider yourselves warned. If you buy a Jeep after reading this you deserve anything you get!

23rd Feb 2008, 20:54

I am about to by my 4th one! I will have done 1000000KMs (about 620,000miles) in 4-Runners. Every version of this machine becomes much better than the last - and the first one in 1986 was pretty amazing. I cannot exaggerate the level of quality and durability that you get with a 4-Runner. If you are a high mileage driver it will be very common to only have done oil and brake changes between timing belt changes (every 140000km/90,000miles). They pull well beyond their rated numbers for RV people out there, and if you do real off-roading - they blow your mind for a stock machine. If you are even thinking of buying an SUV it would be in your interest to get one of these!

10th Mar 2011, 22:58

The 4-runner tops all other SUVs in its class by durability and price. In comparison to American SUVs, it simply wins by quality. In comparison to other imports, it wins by size and options.

We now have 2 v8 4runners and enjoy both very much. We have had 3 different Jeeps before: 91 Wrangler, 2004 Wrangler and 2004 Liberty. The best of those was the 91, due to its size and simplicity, but it is very impractical. Please note that every Jeep we had was plagued by transmission problems.

What I can say about the 4runners? We get 16 mpg mixed driving on a 4.7 L V8. It is built on a truck frame and handles like a truck. The sport package is excellent if you drive aggressive. The truck is roomy enough to fit anything you throw at it. Maintenance is very reasonable. The engine is well built, cast iron and non-impact (timing belt not chain). Both of ours are full time 4x4, and we have taken them offroad quite a few times. It's impossible to get stuck!

If it was the end of the world tomorrow, I would take my trucks over any other out there!