2005 Toyota Alphard G 2.7 from Indonesia


Get the Hyundai H-1, it's an overall better car

General Comments:

This is not my car actually. I took a trip at my friend's Alphard. I am very disappointed with the ride quality. Road noise is very clear to hear, cabin noise isolation is awful (it's like the window is being opened), seating position is uncomfortable, disappointing legroom for a big car.

Don't get me wrong, this car is pretty expensive in my country due to import cost, it costs around $70,000. I would rather buy the Hyundai H-1, which only costs around $40,000 and it's much more comfortable and it's more spacious. The Alphard is too overpriced and uncomfortable. Plus the sat/nav is written in Japanese letters, which is useless.

The only thing that you get from this car is prestige, as it's usually only upper class people who can afford this car in my country. But if you want a real comfortable car, go get the Hyundai.

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Review Date: 18th January, 2011

8th Apr 2012, 13:04

What do you mean by disappointing legroom? I own an Alphard and a Hyundai H1. The Hyundai is nothing compared to the Alphard regarding legroom and quietness. Also, you can't open the mid-row windows in the H1; it's a major no no.

15th Jun 2012, 06:34

The H-1 Royal seems better than the Alphard X and G. But between the Alphard V type and the Royal H-1 Hyundai, both are tied, but I would prefer the Hyundai H-1; it's larger than the Alphard, dude. I have once ridden in an H-1, and it's better than an Alphard (I have used an Alphard many times).